Wicked Harvest

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Wicked Harvest

The Onic Empire series

Chur strove his whole life to be the Harvester, the most honored position in the land. Yet once he achieved his goal, he found out that things were not all he thought they would be. His paratanis, or personal servant, helps him to achieve the necessary hardness so he can perform then a drink keeps him that way and a lotion applied to his hardened penis prevents him from feeling anything. During his third Harvest, something unexpected happens, his paratanis herself lays upon the table to have her virginity harvested and declares that he is her bondmate. When Chur refuses to acknowledge this bond, the two are forced back into the roll of Harvester and servant for at least another year.

Enovese knew from the moment that she laid eyes upon Chur that he was the man for her. She had no intention of a little thing like the fact that she is forbidden to ever have sex stop her from living the life she wishes. Tricking Chur into becoming her bondmate was her thought but little did she know that in his refusal things would truly get interesting.

As these two lovers discover more about themselves and the truths behind the ritual of Harvester and Paratanis, they find that there is a need to change how things are done for the betterment of the people. Will they be able to save Chur from the challenges that are to come if he is to be the Harvester for a 4th year? Or will Chur and Enovese die without knowing what it feels like to hold each other as free people?

Wicked Harvest is the start of a new series. Listed as Aphrodisia by Kensington this book is RED HOT. But it is more than just hot sex, it is about that balance that everyone needs in their lives. The line between duty and desire can be so thin but so fun to tread. I found myself not wanting to put the book down and am looking forward to the next title in this series and a hope that there are many more of them to come.

Book Blurb for Wicked Harvest

"Between duty and desire lies a season of pure pleasure...

Welcome to the world of the Harvester-a warrior bound to take virginity, but never pleasure-and the servant who exists to prepare him for his role. For them, sex equals duty. Until the rules fall aside...and pleasure takes over...

Sweet Release

For Chur, a year's preparation comes down to the single day on which he encounters a succession of exquisitely adorned young virgins. One thrust from Chur frees the women to find their perfect mates...yet he is forbidden to enjoy his work. But Chur's third Harvest changes everything, for the final virgin is none other than his paratanist, a loyal servant who reveals herself to be a startlingly sensuous woman. Enovese has desired her master since she first laid hands upon him, but her scheme to free them both is complicated by Chur's prideful resistance. Until the Harvester declares Enovese his bondmate, they must maintain a dangerous charade of master and slave. But Chur is determined that Enovese pay for her deception-with delicious, teasing torture all the more pleasurable for being taboo..."

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75