The Baby Twins

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The Baby Twins

HA #1305 - Babies & Bachelors USA

Stephanie Olmstead is on her way to FL to pack up the last of her dead husbands things. A pilot, he was lost in a fiery crash over Iraq. As her flight is about to take off she is hit with a major panic attack. An old friend from her past just happens to be the pilot on the flight and he talks to her to try and help calm her down. He is also now single and asks her out for an afternoon in Miami. But when he kisses her without thinking things through he may have ruined a friendship.

Brady McGuire remembers the beautiful lady that use to be his neighbor Stephanie. Friends with her and her husband Michael, he is saddened by the lose of his friend. The kiss he gave her in Miami keeps haunting him until he finally asks her out again. But as time goes on it seems somehow wrong to be falling in love with a woman that is so obviously not yet over her dead husband. Brady has issues from his own failed marriage that he needs to work out also. Will these two lost people be able to find happiness again or will their pasts haunt them and keep them from the future they both deserve.

Laura Mari Altom has done a lovely job of putting this story together. The conflicts are so heartfelt that it will make you want to cry and laugh along with the couple as they muddle their way through an series of obstacles that threaten so many people today. It is a story that will give anyone with loss in their past hope that the future will be better than today is. While not a long story, it covers a montage of emotions in a short time, yet does not take anything away from the story in doing so. I enjoyed the time it took to read it as I am sure you will also.

Book Blurb for The Baby Twins

A pilot's widow, Stephanie Olmstead isn't afraid of flying…until the plane takes off, triggering a panic attack! Suddenly, the single mother of twins has a new man in her life. Brady McGuire, the pilot who saved her from a major meltdown, now sees himself as her protector. And friend. And maybe more…
Between flying and moving across the country to be closer to his daughter, Brady's life is hectic enough. But ever since he played hero, he can't stay away from the gorgeous single mom and her infant girls. That's when things start happening really fast. But is Stephanie ready to move on? Brady has his doubts. One thing's for sure, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75