Tasty Christmas Treats

Contemporary Christmas Erotica, 5,100 words

Kelly owns a high quality sex store, specializing in everything from dildos, vibrators, and lingerie to one-of-a-kind custom gifts. Normally she does not work directly with the customers but it is the holiday season and business is booming so she does what she must. Her employees or Naughty Little Elves, as she calls them are wearing some of the less revealing Christmas lingerie that the store carries. 
Marc is her adoring husband that loves to do things to surprise her. After coming home from a long day at work, he has a bath all ready for her and tells her to come to the living room when she is done with her bath. As they are enjoying an interesting evening someone keeps calling Kelly’s cell phone. Finally upset about it Marc answers the phone; apparently there is an emergency at the store. Oh boy, just what has her cousin Chrissy done now?
Tasty Christmas Treats is definitely a hot and spicy novella. With the main character the owner of a sex store and some interesting people working for her how can things not get wild at times. Sit back with a cold glass of eggnog and enjoy a few Tasty Christmas Treats yourself, I am sure that I will again and again.

Book Blurb for Tasty Christmas Treats

Kelly has had a long day working in her upscale adult boutique. She’s ready to kick off her heels and spend some quality time with her husband, Marc, which just might include activities involving candy canes, ribbons and bows that would make even Kelly blush!

But just as things are spicing up, an emergency phone call from one of Kelly’s employees interrupts the festive fun. Kelly’s troublemaking, oversexed cousin, Chrissy, is up to no good, and wreaking havoc in Kelly’s upscale sex shop.

Can Kelly convince Chrissy that her store is not a brothel before the cops shut it down? Will Kelly and Marc ever get to finish their passionate Christmas rendezvous?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.50