Tales of the Otherworld


When kind-hearted Aaron wakes from his slumber to find himself in the family crypt, he discovers that his mother has an unusual family heritage.  A few people from each generation re-awaken after death as vampires.  Learning that he must drink blood to survive is one thing, but the thought of having to kill someone once a year in order to survive may be more than he can do.


Eve Levine grew up the unwanted daughter of a witch and an Aspicio demon.  Thrown out of the witch’s coven at their first chance, she has fought to provide for herself.  Teaching witch spells to help pay the bills, she had no idea it would lead Kristof Nash to her door.  As she teaches him witch spells, he teaches her valuable lessons as well.


On his 18th birthday, Logan receives what he thinks is another card and check from his mother.  A woman that should never have had children, the only contact is a card.  Yet when he opens the envelope, inside it he finds yet another envelope.  This second envelope, which is obviously not from his mother, contains a name and address.  What he finds at the address is nothing he would have ever guessed.


Clayton has always been different than everybody else.  Every fall he gets moody and now it has reached the point where his fall “PMS” lasts an entire month. This year it does not help that he has accepted a teaching position for a couple of months in Toronto.  Things change when he meets Elena, a student that just seems to be perfect for him.


Even though Lucas Cortez has broken away from the family business, too many see it as a sign of adolecent rebellion.  When an older gentleman comes to him to tell him about a grimier that is in the hands of a witch, he knows what is expected of him, to let his father know.  But since when has Lucas done what is expected of him?


As Jeremy prepares to end a rebellion, the quiet of his home causes the rising of ghosts from the past.  Not true ghosts, but memory ghosts from another different time in the history of his family.

Wedding Bell Hell

As Paige and Lucas’ wedding approaches one thing after another seems to be piling up.  Who knew there were so many individual choices to be made.  Add to that Benicio, Lucas’ father, who keeps trying to be helpful.  The closer it comes to the date, the better plan B looks.

The Case of El Chupacabra

While Sean Nast is out at a gay bar, he stumbles onto a dead body. It is obvious to Sean that it was a vampire kill.   To the locals it is seen as another Chupacabra attack.  Now Sean finds himself in a bit of a pickle, he was at a crime scene located at a gay bar - but no one in his family knows he is gay.  Hopefully his sister Savannah’s guardians, Paige and Lucas, can help him out.  Or will he have to finally tell everyone that secret he has kept for so long?

As a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong and her “Women of the Otherworld” series, I jumped at the chance to review her new book Tales of the Otherworld.  This is a collection of short stories that were first done as a free read, now they have come off the internet into book format.  The truly cool thing about this book is that all her proceeds from the sales of these volumes will go to World Literacy of Canada.  This is an amazing collection of stories to read and the chance to help a good cause all in one shot - what more can a girl need? Maybe Chocolate?

Book Blurb for Tales of the Otherworld

Have you ever wondered how lone wolf Clayton Danvers finally got bitten by the last thing he ever expected: love? Or how the hot-blooded bad-girl witch Eve Levine managed to ensnare the cold, ruthless corporate sorcerer, Kristof Nast in one of the Otherworld’s most unlikely pairings? Would you like to be a fly on the wall at the wedding of Lucas Cortez and Paige Winterbourne, as their eminently practical plans are gradually upended by their well-meaning friends? Or tag along with Lucas and Paige as they investigate a rather gruesome case that looks to be the result of a rogue vampire?

Now, Otherworld reader can share these moments with some of their favorite characters—as well as catching welcome glimpses into the minds of some of the lesser-known players. But even readers new to the Otherworld universe will find much to love in these seven tales of friendship, adventure, and enduring romance.

Anthology contains: Birthright, Beginnings, Ghosts, Expectations, Wedding Bell Hell, The Case of El Chupacabra and a new story narrated by Eve.

All the authors proceeds from this anthology go to World Literacy of Canada.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00