Hades Squad, #1

Destiny Devine loves her job as a book editor.  Working with authors that do not want to listen is not so fun.  Having to fly to Alaska to work with one such author could be a trip that will kill her.  Stuck in a small town that has no motel, she is staying out in a cabin owned by park ranger Tim Dalton.  Her life has been a spin in the wrong direction ever since her ex-boyfriend did a sex tape with an author she was working with.  Little did she know how her life would change when a handsome paratrooper ends up unconscious in the pear tree outside the cabin.

Sergeant Lincoln Abraham Chapman has dropped into Alaska to help put out a fire that is raging in the Denali National Park.  The last thing he expects is to come to looking at the loveliest set of breasts he has ever seen.  The middle child of 11 children, he joined the military to help pay for college.  Now he is on his last assignment just before he musters out.  Spending time with a beautiful woman may just be what he needs.

Jianne Carlo has written a totally captivating story in Paratrooper in a Pear Tree.  A story that will keep you hoping is always a plus in my book, and this one will do just that.  It had me going wondering just what was going to happen next.  Would they survive her insecurities and his background?  The suspense is the kind that will have you looking for more books by this author, I know I will be.  Well put together and well written, it is nice to find a book that has your heart as well as your mind captivated.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Sinner

This book is a rerelease of an older title “A Paratrooper in a Pear Tree” originally published in 2009—it has been edited and expanded from the original version.

Navy SEAL Sinner’s trapped in a blizzard with Destiny, a woman traveling with porn DVDs, whips, and cuffs. When the electricity fails, there’s only one way to stay hot.

Navy SEAL Sinner is no choir boy. Deployed to fight an out-of-control brush fire in Alaska, Sinner is the last smoke jumper to exit the plane. Sinner veers off course, his chute fails, his reserve opens, and he’s knocked unconscious when he lands in a pear tree. Sinner awakens in a cabin to the sight of a woman with the face of a Madonna and the body of a stripper tending to him.

Destiny is in Alaska, armed with whips, cuffs, and copies of “classic”—who knew?—porn movies, to “sex up” former bestselling author Nadine Roland’s latest manuscript. It’s make or break it time for Destiny, career wise. The last thing she needs is a car that won’t start, a fricking blizzard, and a SEAL named Sinner who thinks she’s into BDSM because of her “toys.”

Sinner doesn’t believe Destiny is a book editor, not for a second. He knows they’re trapped in the cabin for at least two days. When the lights go out, Sinner knows exactly how he’s going to stay warm.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00