Simply Divine

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Simply Divine

The Divine Series #1

Divine Matthews-Hardison is a spoiled rich kid from Hollywood.  She’s the daughter of R&B artist Kara Matthews and Hollywood bad boy Jerome Hardison.  Used to wearing designer clothes and shopping on Rodeo Drive, she cannot imagine a better life.  Things change drastically when her father is charged with the murder of his mistress, the mother of his love child.  Her mother is also in trouble when she hits a reporter and is arrested in possession of drugs.  While both parents are taking care of their own problems, Divine is sent to live with an Uncle that she has never met in a small town in Georgia.  Can things possibly get any worse for her?

Best selling Author Jacqueline Thomas writes faith based YA books.  The story of Divine is enticing, yet the writing seems to shift somewhat.  It is not enough to ruin the story it just throws the flow off a small bit.  As it is intended for teenagers, this is most likely not going to be an issue since their minds tend to jump a bit already.

Book Blurb for Simply Divine

To forgive may be divine . . . The daughter of two Hollywood superstars, Divine Matthews-Hardison lives the privileged life most fifteen-year-olds only dream of: she's all about designer clothes, awards ceremonies, parties, and having a name that opens doors. Divine could be a model, an actress, anything she wants. But when you live in the spotlight, there's nowhere to hide when your family falls apart. Her father is in trouble with the law, her mother has her own demons, and no one has room for Divine -- no one except her uncle, a Georgia pastor with a modest country home and a big heart.

. . . but can Divine ever forgive? Divine can't believe she's been sent to live with her mom's family in the sticks. Doing chores, getting an allowance, and church-going are hardly what she's used to, and she lets everyone -- from her patient Uncle Reed and Aunt Phoebe to her cousins, Alyssa and Chance -- know she's not trading in her Gucci bags for a feedbag any time soon. But as the love and faith of a good family take hold in her heart, miraculous changes start to occur. And when the chance comes to return to her high-flying life, Divine is faced with her toughest decision: Now that she's found the one thing she's never had, could she ever leave it behind?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50