Silky Sins: Apollonia

At the age of 19 Apollonia was beautiful with her Mediterranean features, long dark hair, perfectly shaped butt, and ample bust; she was still in competition with her mother. For her to be less than the perfect Cassandra was to be a failure. Mother hated men, and Apollonia knew it must be due to her father being a less than perfect husband and father. She is so caught up in thinking about everything that at first she did not notice the carpenter on the roof of the garage. A total exhibitionist, she cannot help but do whatever it takes to keep his attention. And that is just one of the things happening to her due to tabloid publicity she needs time away. Going on a cruise seems like the perfect answer to her situation. Once there she meets Nathan and Connor, Miami detectives, and Michelle, a city attorney. The temptation of doing things totally taboo may be more than she can withstand. Will things work out wonderfully or will she regret spending time with this threesome?
Robin Gideon is a gifted writer. I totally loved reading Silky Sins 2: Apollonia. It had me holding my breath from the start. Just how far will Apollonia go to get and keep attention on herself? How in the world can Michelle be so lucky to have 2 guys in her life at the same time and not have to hide one from the other? Wish I could be so lucky. Sit down with a nice glass of wine and prepare to be swept away.

Book Blurb for Silky Sins: Apollonia

Apollonia Tacarious, Cassandra's daughter, has been scandalized in the tabloids! Needing to lie low for a while, she takes a Caribbean cruise. She meets Nathan and Connor, Miami detectives, and Michelle, a city attorney. Taboo temptations prove irresistable. Will Apollonia find ecstasy or agony with the threesome?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00