Red Light Specialists

Bianca, Sonja and Trinity are all human women in a time when humans are hated for just being, well human. They are also inmates at Restigatio Women's Correctional Facility. They are given the choice of either becoming agents or serving the rest of their sentence out in the facility. They are given very specific training that will help them in there assignments. Training that will do wonders for them while they are agents.
Bianca - from living in a cave to jailed for a minor gambling debt. She is destined to be the mate to a powerful man that helped to destroy earth.
Sonja - jailed for public lewdness after her ex dropped some pills into her soda. She is destined to end a 500-year curse.
Trinity - guilty of killing her uncle, after he tried to pimp her out to his armies. She carries a rare 50% human blood. She is destined to marry a very special man.
With their future on the line they are willing to do whatever it takes to finish the assignments given to them. The problem is their assignments have a few special tricks of their own. But a virus in the A-mac system may ruin all their chances for happiness.
I got this book as an eBook and started reading it right away. It was one of those books that I "could not put down". It is in essence 4 different stories within one story. It starts with the base operations then as the women go out on their personal assignments it splits for each different woman, giving you their specialized story. It is an edge of your seat book. Keeping you interested from word one and wondering if / when the next book will come along. If you like erotica and love futuristic books then this is a great combo of the two.

Book Blurb for Red Light Specialists

Bianca, Sonja and Trinity were given a choice—become RLS-69 special agents or continue to serve out their prison sentences at the Restigatio Women's Correctional Facility. Trained to complete their mission by any means necessary, these women aren't afraid to pull out all the stops. With their freedom on the line, they'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. From combat to seduction, their targets won't know what hit them until it is way too late. There's only one problem…their handsome targets have a few secret weapons of their own.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.75