Pretend Mom

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Pretend Mom

Dixie Kincaid is home for the first time in too many years. 7 years ago she left the small Texas town she grew up in to move to New York to try her hand at a singing career. Now she is home on vacation, to see her mom and brothers for the first time since her father’s funeral 3 years earlier. Much to her surprise Mike comes to the airport to pick her up.
Mike Dalton is the brother of the guy that Dixie had a crush on as a teenager. She was warned to stay away from Kevin back then, although she had no idea why. Mike is now a permanent fixture in her mother's household, he helps out there every time he is needed.  Dixie keeps running into him everywhere she goes. Just what is going on with him, and why did he tell her to not set her cap for his brother all those years ago?
Rita Hestand is by far an amazing writer. Having read several of her books lately, when I was given the chance to read Pretend Mom I jumped at it. Her stories are full of fun, love and hope for the future. I was captivated while reading Pretend Mom. Dixie and Mike will have you laughing and wanting to scream at them both from one minute to the next. Anyone that has loved someone for years and struggled with that love will know where Dixie and Mike are coming from. I hope you enjoy reading about a Pretend Mom as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Pretend Mom

Dixie Rose Kincaid made it big in New York City as a singing sensation. But her personal life fizzled to nothingness. So she went back home to a small town in Texas -- where she thought she'd left her heart. Her family needed her and she needed to see Kevin one last time, to rid herself of a childhood crush.

Dixie collides with Mike Dalton, her childhood adversary -- who just happens to be Kevin's brother. The sexy rancher has other plans for Dixie's love life -- that most certainly don't include Kevin.

Determined to get back to New York to resume her career, things get more complicated when Dixie finds she's completely taken with Mike's adorable daughter, Amanda -- who wants Dixie to play Pretend Mom. Torn between what her heart tells her is right and her desire to pursue her thriving singing career, Dixie is faced with the most difficult decision of her life: Can she leave her heart at home -- again?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 5.00