Pleasure Island

Book 3 in the Pleasure Cruise series.

Valcar is in trouble, he has used way more than his allotment of power for the next 5 years.  The idea of an island full of virgins seemed like such a good idea, now he has to find a way to get out of the trouble he is in.  Seeing a poster for the Pleasure Cruises he decides on the spur of the moment that his island is now going to be a Pleasure Island for the use of paring supernaturals with their human mates.   Now how to get the first two couples there and keep himself out of hot water?


Annette can hardly believe she came to an island to surprise her boyfriend, only to be surprised cause he was preoccupied with another woman.  She is going to go back to the mainland and is looking for a pilot and plane to take her there when she stumbles onto Jurgen in a bar.  After dumping a perfectly good bottle of whiskey into his lap, he picks her up and takes her back to his room for some sleep. He will take his plane to the mainland tomorrow morning.  Too bad she wasn’t more carefree about her own fantasies or she would not be having the problem it seems she has at the moment.


Jurgen could scent her before she ever came into the bar.  But once there he was determined to keep her safe no matter what.  Spending the night curled up around her was a trial of his willpower to say the least.  His shifter side wanted nothing better than to have her all to himself and for all night long.  Going against his better judgment, he had taken off with her in his plane when a storm put them into jeopardy and one minute they are in the air, the next they are on a beach, exactly where he does not know.  Even with all this, all he wants to do is find somewhere to fulfill this need he is feeling where she is concerned.


Christy was diving into the ocean near her resort one moment and the next was in the middle of the ocean far from home with no idea how she got there.  One thing that was nearby was Keoni, who jumped into the water to save her after she screamed.  It seems that wherever she went on vacation, he is somewhere nearby.  She thought at one point that he was stalking her, but now after coming up out of the water next to his boat that is not possible.  She goes so far as to accuse him of conjuring up a willing companion.


Keoni was sitting on the deck of his boat enjoying some quiet fishing when he hears a lady scream.  Being a good guy, he jumps into the ocean to save her once he noticed her there.  It does not help that every time she was on his boat before and frowned at him, he got aroused.  And since she spent most of the time looking at him with that frown on her face, he had spent most of that time aroused.  Now she comes out of nowhere and is on his boat.  When his boat hits land where there should not have been any, things start to get really interesting.


Valcar having found his two couples in the easiest way possible moves them to the island.  Now he just has to get them to sleep together and to figure out they are meant to be together then everything will be good.  It should be easy as pie, right?


Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow have done it yet again.  Both are accomplished writers in their own right, but together they make nothing short of total magic.  Pleasure Island is a story that stirs the senses.  You have a god with the need to use more power than allotted and the ability to get himself out of problems.  Just add in two supernatural men, two human women and you get one wild ride.


Pleasure Island will keep you hopping from moment to moment and wishing for the treatment the ladies receive from their men for yourself.  I know - I wish I could find a supernatural man of my own!  Mandy and Michelle always leave me wanting to cry: “more, more, more, where can I find more!”

Book Blurb for Pleasure Island

Book 3 in the Pleasure Cruise series.

A tropical island that’s seen better days. A downed plane. A marooned boat. And two gorgeous supernaturals who’ll stop at nothing to claim their mates.

Jurgen wants Annette in the worst—or best—way, and he intends to make her his. Finding a way to fly off the island can wait until he’s shown her all the pleasures to be found with a shapeshifter mate who’ll stop at nothing to ensure she’s his—forever.

Keoni thinks all his fantasies have come true when a half-naked Christy flounders in the water beside his boat. Being unexpectedly marooned on a sinking island in the middle of nowhere gives him the perfect opportunity to get down and dirty with the sexy lady of his dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00