Oh Yes, Virginia

Length: HeatSheet (10K words)

Virginia has been bumped from the flight that she booked and paid for 2 months earlier. The next available flight will not get her home until midnight Christmas night. In walks Christopher K. Ringle with an offer she can hardly resist, a ride in his private jet. A chance to get home in time for Christmas and to snub her nose at her mother’s “never accept a ride from a stranger. The inside of the jet is like a dream, with no crowded rows of seats filled with people just getting in your way. And the pilot and co-pilot are like a wet dream come to life. Chris is no sad looking man either. Everything is almost too good to be true. Chris made her an Apple Martini, her favorite drink, and the food that is available, oh my, it is all of her favorite foods. Will he know all of her wishes and will she get everything she wants for Christmas?
Oh Yes Virginia is hot enough to melt Frosty into the ground in the middle of a snowstorm. The characters are lovely and thought provoking. Who would not want to have their deepest darkest wishes granted in the wildest way imaginative? I personally would not mind a ride cross-country by this Santa and his helpers, how about you?

Book Blurb for Oh Yes, Virginia

When Virginia Madison is bumped from her flight on Christmas Eve, help arrives in the form of dashing Christopher K. Ringle. The offer of a private jet and his company are too good to resist, and she gladly climbs aboard for a flight to remember.

Her deepest Christmas wishes come true on the four-hour flight, with Chris enlisting the help of his two hunky pilots to make sure Virginia gets everything she wants this year.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.50