Never Entice an Earl

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Never Entice an Earl

One Scandalous Season, #2

I had forgotten what it was like to fall into a historical romance and get swept away into another time and place. It is nice to find a book that can make you want to sit up all night and see just what will happen next. I found myself sucked into Never Entice an Earl and having a difficult time putting it down. Readers are pulled in by a dashing hero that has set out to right a wrong done to his beloved family, to a heroine that has her own wrong she feels the need to right. It is fun watching the two of them figure out that the future each had planned is not the future they are destined to enjoy.

Never Entice and Earl is the second book in the One Scandalous Season series by Lily Dalton. Being the second book does not mean that you must read the first before this one. It is defined beautifully enough to be able to read as a stand-alone. Although I will be looking to find the first book so that I can find out just how ‘scandalous’ a season can be in stuffy old London. I also am so looking forward to see how much more scandal can come out of one family. I am sure that you will enjoy it also.

Book Blurb for Never Entice an Earl

For fans of New York Times bestsellers Elizabeth Boyle, Jillian Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, and Nicole Jordan...


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Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00