Mistletoe Magic: A Touch of Magic

Book 2 in the Mistletoe Magic series but may be read as a stand-alone story.

Will knows he is suppose to be focusing on making Maddie’s Christmas a time to remember, but he really has a thing for Sparkle but she has always danced just out of his reach. But since they are here to redeem themselves to Santa for tearing up his workshop, Will knows the best way to get to spend time with Sparkle is to win the bet that him, Sparkle and Glimmer have made about who hooks their assigned sister up with her soul mate first.
Maddie Woodward is the middle sister, and her love is the ranch the three girls grew up on. After the death of her parents, she has decided to quit her job and keep the ranch that she loves so much. The best way she can think of to accomplish this was the burning of all her bridges so that she could not go back. Pulling into the ranch for the first time since her parents’ funeral two months earlier, all she can think about is this feels so like home. She is intent on finding the Christmas decorations and getting the house ready for her sister’s arrival.
Zach Brennan is the last thing Maddie expects to see when she gets home. She could have sworn he was riding the rodeo circuit. The last time she saw him, he was 25 and a walking body of testosterone. He had his arm around some brunette buckle bunny; he had winked at Maddie just as he leaned down to kiss the brunette on his arm. Now he is standing on her ranch as if he owns the place. To make matters worse he intends to purchase the ranch from her and her sisters and run it himself. Can she forgive him for his mistakes and see if they can have the future she use to dream about come at last?
A Touch of Magic is book two in the Mistletoe Magic Series. I have to say I love this one as much as I did the first. Desiree Holt has done a wonderful job of continuing the journey of three sisters as we get to see if they will get the happy ending they so justly deserve. It is easy to see why she loves writing about Texas and Texans with their big hats and big… Umm, anyway, I hope you grab a glass of your favorite holiday drink and enjoy A Touch of Magic.

Book Blurb for Mistletoe Magic: A Touch of Magic

Book 2 in the Mistletoe Magic series but may be read as a stand-alone story.

Maddie Woodward is in a pickle. The last person she expects to see when she returns to the family ranch for one last Christmas is her former lover, Zach Brennan. He’s hotter as he ever was, all male and determined to get her naked. She’s just as determined to show him she’s over him—until she ends up in his bed, enjoying the wildest sex of her life. A night of uncontrolled, erotic sex shows her that Zach is far from out of her life. Now if she can just get him to help her convince her sisters not to sell the ranch…


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00