Made to be Broken

Nadia Stafford Series

Nadia Stafford owns a lodge in rural Canada, about 2 hours from Toronto. But being a lodge owner is not all she does. In her other life she is “Dee” a hit man working for the Tomassinis Family. When a single teenage mother, who is also an employee of her lodge, comes up missing, Nadia is certain something is wrong. But no one else is worried about the teenager that is presumed to have run away. Unable to believe that Sammi just ran away and did not take any of her small child’s stuff with her, Nadia is determined to find out just what has happened to Sammi and baby Destiny. The search for which will lead Nadia on a quest that will force her to deal with her own past. She is determined to make everything as right as possible or die trying.
Author Kelley Armstrong, best known for her acclaimed “Women of the Otherworld” series, is back with a new book, Made to be Broken. This is book two in a new series. In this new series, she has definitely not let her beloved readers down. Made to be Broken is every bit as good as everything else she has written. I love the way it grips you and makes the reader wonder just what is going on and how is it going to work out. I sat reading it and wondering just what twists and turns were going to come next. This is a definite add to my must have/keep stack.

Book Blurb for Made to be Broken

The author of the acclaimed Women of the Otherworld series returns with her latest novel featuring an exciting heroine with a lethal hidden talent. This time she’s hot on the trail of a young woman no one else cares about—and a killer who’s bound to strike again.

Nadia Stafford isn’t your typical nature lodge owner. An ex-cop with a legal code all her own, she’s known only as “Dee” to her current employer: a New York crime family that pays her handsomely to bump off traitors. But when Nadia discovers that a troubled teenage employee and her baby have vanished in the Canadian woods, the memory of a past loss comes back with a vengeance and her old instincts go into overdrive.

With her enigmatic mentor, Jack, covering her back, Nadia unearths sinister clues that point to an increasingly darker and deadlier mystery. Now, with her obsession over the case deepening, the only way Nadia can right the wrongs of the present is to face her own painful ghosts—and either bury them for good, or die trying. Because in her book everyone deserves a chance. And everyone deserves justice.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00