Lilith Enraptured

Divinity Warrior, #1

As a historical and cultural analyst for Divinity Corporation, Lilith is use to traveling to distant worlds to gather information on them for her own world. But when put on leave because her last mission was botched, she did not expect to wake up in a new world instead of in her own bed.   Her mind goes to thinking that someone is trying to get rid of her for good. It does not make her any more relaxed to find out that on this world the men expect her to allow them to use her for their own release and for her to breed sons for them. She has no intention of staying here on this planet any longer than necessary.
Lord Sorin does not care for the breeding ceremonies. The old ways were so much better, raiding other villages for the women to fill your bed. He had a wife already, it is not his fault that she had the audacity to go and die on him, why in the world would he want to replace her when he can be out fighting instead. He is willing to go to almost any length to keep from claiming a new “bride”, even to the point of taking care of the release of tension before dressing for the ceremony. But when he senses her, his mouth works before his mind can stop him from claiming her as “MINE”.
A fan of Michelle M Pillow, Lilith Enraptured is another amazing story to make your mind run. Beautifully written and able to capture your attention, she puts a lady into a situation where she has to either fight or accept what is going to happen. I love when things make my mind work and keep me entertained at the same time. Lilith Enraptured is able to do this and more.

Book Blurb for Lilith Enraptured

Sorin of Firewall lives in a land forever at war. In fact, the Starian men are so busy fighting, their marriage ceremony has been reduced to a "will of the gods" event where they simply pick a woman out of a lineup and claim her as a wife. With women becoming scarce, it's necessary to trade the offworld Divinity Corporation for brides. Duty-bound to attend the ceremony, he has no intention of picking a bride, let alone one from another dimension. Duty-bound to attend the ceremony, he has no intention of picking a bride, let alone one from another dimension. That is, until he sees Lilith, the bewitching woman sent by the gods to reward--or punish?--him..

Lilith, a data analyst for Divinity, is betrayed by the Corporation and wakes up in a primitive, uncharted dimension filled with warriors who only know war and duty. But her initial fears of becoming a sex slave to a big beefy knight become all too real when a warrior of god-like proportions claims she's his new woman. As Lilith discovers, there are worse fates than being the focus of Sorin's skillful and earthy seduction.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.50