It's a Curl Thing

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It's a Curl Thing

(Divine & Friends)

It is just about time for Rhyann Hamilton to go to her Sophomore Prom.  In preparation of this special event, her Auntie Mo has made her a beautiful copy of a Valentino gown she saw on Rodeo Drive.  She has even spent the last couple of years growing her hair out and is letting her sister Tameka do her hair.  When her sister messes up royally on Rhyann’s hair the day before prom, Ryann thinks that all is lost.  But her BFF Mimi sends her to her own hair stylist at Crowning Glory Hair Salon on Sunset Boulevard. The fix costs more than she had to pay.  The owner of the salon, Ms. Marilee is willing to allow her to work off the debt by washing the customers hair.  A chance encounter with a customer at the salon may just have a lasting effect on her life.

Best selling author Jacqueline Thomas writes faith based YA books.  This book is connected to the Divine series.  Written to entice young adults into reading more, the story line is one that will have you thinking about many different things.  The writing is better in each book I have read and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on any more books that might be available in this line of stories.

One subject that is covered in this title is one that we as a people need to remember.  Ms. Thomas hits on the topic of the Holocaust.  This is a subject that should be discussed more openly in not only families but also in school.  It’s good to learn the truth about this horrible time in our history for yourself.

Book Blurb for It's a Curl Thing

These girlfriends get through bad hair days together -- and anything else that life in L.A. throws at them!

When Hollywood princess Divine Matthews-Hardison left the fast lane behind, the one thing she missed was her friends back home in Los Angeles! Now, get to know one of Divine's best gal pals...

Rhyann Hamilton could not be more jazzed for her sophomore prom. The big event is one day away, and getting prepped is a family affair: thanks to her aunt's designing magic, she's got a dreamy Valentino look-alike gown, and her sister Tameka's doing her hair. But something goes terribly wrong -- and Rhyann's hair color is a total disaster! An emergency trip to a luxury salon saves the day, but how will Rhyann pay for the high-priced appointment? Thanks to the kindhearted owner, working at the salon becomes more than just a way to pay a debt -- for Rhyann is about to discover how beautiful things can happen when your heart is open, and how one bad hair day can be a blessing in disguise.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00