Hot Pursuit

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Hot Pursuit

Troubleshooters Series #15

Sam and Alyssa are back, and unfortunately so is the Dentist.  This time the Dentist has set out to get Alyssa and he has no problems using her friends in order to get what he wants.

When Assemblywoman Savannah von Hopf is threatened, the Troubleshooters are called into teach her and her staff a few self defense tricks along with boosting security at her New York City office.  But things are not what they seem, no sooner do the Troubleshooters show up along with some guys from SEAL team 16, then things go from bad to worse.  When a  heart is found in the drawer of aid Jennilyn’s desk in the office, the team hopes for the best but plans for the worse.  Calling in FBI agent Jules Cassidy is the first thing Alyssa does to help find out just what is going on.  Things start to heat up between Jenn and Gilligan when he is set on protection duty for her.  But will it be another short term relationship for Gilligan or will he lose his heart to Jenn?  And will they all find out just who is behind the threats and things that are going on before the Dentist manages to get just what he wants?

New York Times best selling author Suzanne Brockmann is back with yet another Troubleshooters novel.  Brockmann is a must read for anyone that loves suspense with some romance thrown into the mix.  Hot Pursuit is yet another example of the wonderful things that can come when an amazing author puts her muse to work in thought provoking ways.  Ever since I first ran across Suzanne Brockmann’s work as an audio book from my local library she has been a must read for me…and I think if you take the time to read her work she will become a must read for you as well!

Book Blurb for Hot Pursuit

Troubleshooter Alyssa Locke and her husband, former Navy SEAL Sam Starrett, were brought to the center stage in Gone Too Far, the sixth book in Suzanne Brockmann's sexy, suspenseful New York Times bestselling series. Now these fan favorites are back to continue their story!

Alyssa takes on the extremely public assignment of providing personal protection for Savannah von Hopf, an old friend who is running for office. While high-profile, the bodyguard job seems simple and easy enough - except Alyssa is juggling her stressful leadership position with a new baby and a husband who is her subordinate.

When Alyssa receives several disturbing messages from "the Dentist," a serial killer she has relentlessly pursued for years, Alyssa must take action to protect those closest to her. No one is safe, even after the FBI - including Sam and Alyssa's good friend Jules Cassidy - gets involved. But Alyssa knows that as the Dentist's true target she must use herself as bait to catch the devious killer - before he strikes again.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00