His Gift

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His Gift

M/M Paranormal

All alone in an old house Eliot had asked for a gift. Someone beautiful, someone just for himself, someone he could touch. Badly hurt Steven happens upon what seems to be an abandoned house. Passing out as he enters the house, he wakes to find the most beautiful man standing next to him. At first Steven is unable to remember anything about himself. As Eliot insists that Steven is a gift left just for him, he slowly tries to remember some about who he is. Is Eliot a ghost that needs him, or it is something else?
The Gift is a beautiful story. It is well written and thought provoking. Who has not wished for love? Who has not hoped that above all else it will come for you? I know I have. Sit down and take an hour or so to get back to what it is like to hope and dream and wait for that gift you have wanted so badly.

Book Blurb for His Gift

Steven Macklin wakes up in a ditch one morning in foul, wet weather with no idea where he is or how he came to be there.  He’s seriously injured but struggles across bleak heathland to find shelter.  The only house he can find appears weather-beaten and deserted, although he’s too sensible a guy to fall for the cliché of a spooky ghost mansion - isn’t he?  But when he collapses and is taken into the house by the handsome Eliot, he finds himself in a very disturbing situation - and also in the bed of this strange, very possessive man. 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00