Hannah's Man

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Hannah's Man

Travers Brothers Book 3

The death of George O’Leary, her father, has left has left Hannah in a bind. It seems her father had a gambling problem and the ranch that she grew up on is mortgaged to the hilt. Every penny she has made went to putting her brother thru dental school, so she has no money or collateral to get a loan from the bank to help her out. Without some serious help, she is going to lose everything she values.
Rusty owes the O’Leary’s a debt that he does not want. George had taken his mother to the hospital on the night Rusty was born and in doing so, saved his life. Cal Travers, Rusty’s dad, also feels that the family owes George even more than that since George was there and helped Cal out on several occasions when he needed it. Rusty has been raising stock to start his own life for several years, now his father and brother want him to use that stock to help Hannah out of her troubles. 
Will Rusty be willing to do what is needed or has his family asked too much of him?
Rita Hestand has done it again. Hannah’s Man is just as good if not better than the first two Travers Brothers books. It is amazing what someone will do for family and loyalty. In so many ways I wish that there were more people out there that still believed that you repaid your debts or forfeit your good name. I sat shocked and happy and wanting to laugh as I read this. It is yet another book to add to my got to keep stash. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Hannah's Man

Hannah was about to lose her ranch. Rusty was her reluctant hero. He'd just lost the only woman he'd ever loved, he wasn't about to fall for this Hannah gal.

There was only one way to protect his investment...he'd have to marry her. After all, Texas was a community property state! He couldn't lose. Or could he?

She'd share everything but her heart with him. And then suddenly everyone was calling him...Hannah's Man!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00