Hanalei Moon

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Hanalei Moon

Surfer Gabriel Loe thought he had it all, just days away from winning a surfing competition that would set him up. Living with Ntino, a guy that he believes he loves and Ginger his dog that is his life. Surfing is just about the most important thing to him. When some major waves are brewing, he heads out to surf them despite the fact that Ntino does not want him to go. Going down in waves that were too big, Gaby hits his head on the reef and comes up hurting. His car and dog are missing, upset he starts to head for home, only to discover he has been gone 12 long years and that nothing is the same.
AJ Llewellyn loves Hawaii. This is never more evident that in the reading of his stories. Hanalei Moon is a compelling story about a guy that thought he knew what he wanted, until it is taken all away. I wanted to cry while reading it. I simply LOVED the story and hope that you care for it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Hanalei Moon

World champion surfer Gaby Loe takes advantage of a rare tropical storm to train for his upcoming contest and wipes out badly. Fighting for his life, he almost drowns. When he makes it back to shore, he finds his beloved dog, his car keys, car, and his boyfriend, have all vanished. He’s about to discover that’s the least of his problems. Somehow, someway, he’s also lost TWELVE YEARS of his life. What on earth happened to him under that Hanalei Moon?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00