Druid In Flight

Garland of Druids 8

Upon the death of their sister, Catriona and Conor must run for their lives from their brother-in-law, Fergus. An evil man at heart, Triona’s sister wasn’t cold in her grave before Fergus tried to have his way with Triona. After escaping from him, they ran to their cousin’s house in Wales. When they heard the story of all that had transpired, Sianna and Jamie both insisted they must stay with them in Wales so that they will be able to help protect them. Will she be able to keep her brother safe?
Aiden is a good friend to both Sianna and Jamie. When two rag-tag “boys” show up on their doorstep, he is convinced they are up to no good. When he finds out they are truly the cousins of dear sweet Sianna, he is upset about the way he treated them but not sure how to proceed. Finding himself attracted to Triona is not helping him any either. After a disastrous relationship in his past, he has no intention of ever becoming romantically involved with anyone again. He feels the need to keep his mother safe from his father also. Will he be able to help keep his mother safe?
They are each convinced that the other has no interest in them. How wrong can either of them be. It seems as if neither of them notice how much they like each other. As they are thrown together more and more, things start to heat up. Will they ever figure out that they are destined to be together, or will the people they are trying to protect be all that they can see?
Druid in Flight is an interesting read, well written and easy flowing it was fun and thought provoking. It is hard to describe this story, it is unlike most books that I have read. Not in a bad way, in a very good way. It was easy to read, and keeps your interest. I do not know when I have read a Druid style book quite like this. If this is any indication of the type of writing that Jean Hart Steward does I am looking forward to finding more books by her. 

Book Blurb for Druid In Flight

When Triona flees the home of Fergus, her lecherous brother-in-law, she takes her young brother Conor and dashes for Wales. She knows Fergus will soon be after them. Conor helped her escape by wielding a poker, leaving Fergus senseless and with a broken arm. They head for the home of Sianna, a Druid cousin, and wife of Dr. James Randall.

The Randalls’ weekend guest Aiden Thomas at first refuses to welcome strangers. When one transforms into a beautiful young lady, he soon fights to conquer his overwhelming attraction for her. He has no room for anyone else in his life. Aiden must deal not only with desire, but also with his greedy and cruel father. And he must protect his mother and Triona. Then when Fergus appears to wreak vengeance on Triona and Conor, everyone is endangered.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.00