Djinn & Tonic

When friends Justin and Misty are fired from their television station, things do not look so good.  Over dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant they discuss the possibility of producing their own television show…maybe a show about drinks.  On the walk back to Misty’s apartment they run across a homeless man that asks for any spare change they might have.  Since she intended to just spend the money on booze anyway, Misty digs into her purse to give the bum some money.  Watching them interact made the bum rethink some things in his life, so upon deciding to change his own luck, he gives them what looks like a very unusual wine bottle.  It seems that this bottle is definitely not what it seems, when Misty accidentally knocks it over breaking it, out pops a genie.  Abu of the Jinn explains to them that in exchange for some respect, he can grant them wishes.  But as your mother always warned you about…be careful what you wish for.

Ashlyn Chase has written a very interesting and different kind of story.  Djinn & Tonic is a wickedly interesting twist on what can happen if you find a magic bottle with a genie in it.  Wonderfully written, with enough details to allow readers to see the story for themselves in their minds eye. Djinn & Tonic will have you hoping for a genie like Abu. A Djinn to help you deal with all the interesting things life throws at you.  My one and only complaint about the story is…I wish it were longer!

Book Blurb for Djinn & Tonic

When Misty and Justin are fired from an NYC TV station, they plan their own show—and they can finally stop pretending to be just friends. Heat turns into fire immediately. When a genie exits a rare bottle given to them by a stranger, he likes their off-screen chemistry and decides to help them on-screen as their manager.

They invent new alcoholic concoctions and test them on each other as their passion ignites. If their cockamamie idea doesn’t work, maybe their relationship will—with a little help from their voyeuristic, magical friend.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00