Divine Secrets

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Divine Secrets

The Divine Series #3

Divine Matthews-Hardison has grown to love Temple, Georgia.  Her new friends mean as much to her as the ones she has back in Hollywood.  When one of those friends starts to have problems with her boyfriend, Divine does all she can to find out just what is going on.  Learning the truth will put Divine in a spot.  Does she keep her friends secret, or does she do what she thinks is the right thing to keep her friend safe?  While her cousin’s son is being born, something she sees in the hospital helps her decide just what she should do.  But will her friendship survive her reveling the secret she promised to keep?

Best selling author, Jacqueline Thomas writes Faith-Based YA books.  This is the third book in the Divine series.  She has come a good way in making the story flow so much better, but there are still some things that just do not make sense in some of the sentences that are in the book.  Each book, this one included, makes you think about things.  Just what should you, either as a youth or an adult, do in a given situation.  If you have a teenager, this series is a very good one for you to have them read.  I encourage parents to take the time to talk to their teens after they have read it.

Book Blurb for Divine Secrets

It's up to Divineto decide...

Growing up in the Hollywood spotlight -- and the tabloid headlines -- Divine Matthews-Hardison knows how tough it can be to keep secrets. And nothing has changed now that she lives in Temple, Georgia, with her kindly pastor uncle and his family. There's no such thing as privacy in their boisterous household -- Divine can't even get close to her boyfriend at a school dance without Aunt Phoebe monitoring her, while Uncle Reed drives her nuts, quizzing her on his Sunday sermons. But Divine is about to learn that some secrets do more harm than good when kept under wraps.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50