Divine Match-Up

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Divine Match-Up

The Divine Series #4

There is only one guy for Divine Matthews-Hardison, and his name is Madison.  When she takes him back after a brief breakup, she hopes that he will not break her heart again.  She is so in love with him.  While doing a report for math class about weddings and how they are celebrated in different cultures, she comes across this website that allows you to “marry” someone virtually.  When her and Madison “take the plunge” little does she know just how that her choice will affect her.  Not to mention that Madison has a secret he has kept from her.  To make things more interesting, it seems that her mom is intending to marry her sweetheart for real.  Divine cannot help but think that her mom is jumping into marriage too soon.

National best-selling author Jacqueline Thomas writes Faith Based YA books.  Divine Match-up is the fourth book in this series.  Each book hits on a subject that parents should really talk to their teenagers about.  Her writing gets better with each book, but she still needs to work some on consistency in the books.  I am sure that your teen will enjoy them as much as mine is enjoying reading them for herself.  They make a great way for you to open up to your child about things that are not always easy to talk about.

Book Blurb for Divine Match-Up

There's only one boy for Divine....

When Divine Matthews-Hardison left the Hollywood fast lane to live with her aunt and uncle in sleepy Temple, Georgia, she figured she could say good-bye to dating excitement. Who knew she would find a guy she's crazy about in her small-town high school? Madison Hartford is all Divine thinks about...and he's crazy about Divine, too. But when they get "married" at an online wedding site, their friends think they may actually be crazy!

It's not a legal marriage -- more of a role-playing game. But the honeymoon is over when Divine's delicious secret gets out and races around school.... Meanwhile, real wedding bells are ringing for Divine's superstar mother, who's put her painful divorce behind her and found true love. It's all too much for Divine, who's read all about her mom's fiancé in the tabloids and thinks her mother is making a big mistake. But it's Divine who has a lot to learn about what it truly means to love someone, heart and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.50