Courting Abby

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Courting Abby

Travers Brother Book 2

Clint Travers has only ever loved one woman, sweet Abby the girl next door. Growing up they were best friends. They spent hours and hours together talking about everything. But three years ago, Clint made a mistake. He made love to her and ran away afterwards without telling her how much he loved her. A week later she was gone and no one would tell him where she went.
Abby Martin has loved Clint all of her life. She was hoping when she gave herself to him three years earlier that it would show him just how much he meant to her. When he ran off after they made love, she was convinced that he did not love her and never would. With this conviction she left home and moved away. 
Now three years have past and it seems as if Abby has moved on with her life. She has come home to bury her father and to decide if she is willing to marry another man. But she is bringing someone with her that will change everything for both Clint and Abby, but will it be for the better?
Courting Abby is a twisting turning tail about love and what happens when people try to do what they believe is right by the ones they love. Unfortunately, as in this story, it is not always the best thing for everyone involved. This story will have you laughing and crying and wishing things would hurry up and happen the way they are suppose to. I totally enjoyed reading it. The characters are again well rounded and fun to read about. Everything you are looking for in a love story.

Book Blurb for Courting Abby

Best Friends? Yeah, right, till Clint Travers spoiled it with one night of pent up longing. Now he was paying dearly. Not only had he lost Abby Martin, but now, four years later he was losing his son...

Clint knew he had to do something, and quick. But what? Then his savvy sister-in-law came up with a solution. It was simple...all he had to do was...Court Abby.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00