Cold Moon Rising

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Cold Moon Rising

Sazi Series

Former Mafia hitman, Tony Giodone is back.  A three day wolf with a human mate, he was drafted into Wolven almost as soon as he was turned due to his specialized skills.  As a human he was an exceptional hitman, now the skills that made him so good at his job with the mob make him an even better Wolven agent.  Now he is a Seer with the ability of hindsight along with second sight or the ability to read peoples auras.

Sue is Tony’s human mate.  Their relationship has enough problems on its own, but now it seems that she is “allergic” to Tony’s magic-it seems that the magic that surrounds all Sazi is causing her body to deteriorate at an alarming rate.  Will a little known ritual that she has found be enough to stop the physical deterioration or will her love for Tony mean her death?

If that is not bad enough, it seems that someone from Tony’s past is coming to get him.  It is also becoming apparent that Tony has an unexpected bond with Ahmad, the leader of the Snakes.  A bond that is stronger than any other bond in his life, including the bond with his mate.  Will this bond be enough to stop all the bad that is heading their way?

CT Adams & Cathy Clamp are at it again with another Tale of the Sazi.  They are one of the authors that is on my auto buy list with good reason, their Tales of the Sazi series is one that will never fail to amaze you and keep you intrigued from the first paragraph until the story concludes.  Cold Moon Rising is another fine example of what happens when two amazing women put their minds together to come up with a world that will rock your world on its toes.  Take the time to come into their world and enjoy every wild moment there.

Book Blurb for Cold Moon Rising


Former Mafia hit man Tony Giodone has been through a lot in the past two years. First, in Hunter's Moon, he's turned into a werewolf -- but his mate is human. By Moon's Web he's become part of a wolf pack run by an even tougher mob boss than his old one. Plus he's a pretty powerful psychic -- he can see the past through other people's memories!

Now Tony has to deal with more mobsters, an unhappy girlfriend, intensifying psychic visions, and a cabal of Sazi mass murderers who are trying to exterminate humanity.

There's one man who might be able to help Tony stop the cabal: Ahmad, the leader of the snakes.  But Ahmad's got his own agenda, as Tony finds out when their psychic link deepens.  Now Tony is along for the psychic ride as the former crown prince of an ancient empire is faced with his deadliest enemy . . . a woman he once loved who he was forced to betray.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00