Claiming Hannah

World War 4 has left the earth with radiation and sickness.  With the human race dying off, clones were created to help produce children for wealthy couples that cannot have children of their own.  Being a breeding slave or stud means that you are enslaved your entire life with the sole job of procreation.  To run means that you will be chased by a hitman and killed for daring to not do what you are meant to be.

Hannah is a transhuman, genetically engineered to be immune to the diseases that are killing the human race, and to produce superior-quality offspring.  She has been the sex toy of her owner since she was 18.  Now at almost 22 she has been told that she will be given the Ceremony, and after the birth of her first child will be expected to breed for a wealthy couple with the best stud on the farm.  This thought scares her very much since Judias is a large man and has been know to leave the girls he beds injured do to his size. She has also been told that her ceremony will be open up to her owner's 6 nephews.

Even though she would love to be fucked by the oldest Jacob, she will never find out because she has decided that tonight she will run.

Jacob is a hitman; he is also the oldest son of Hannah's owner's sister.  Getting to fuck Hannah has been a fantasy of his ever since he first saw her at his uncle’s farm 4 years earlier.  Never given a choice to do what he wanted, he was forced into a job that he hates.  He has no choice, being a hitman is a lifelong job; there is no way out.  Now he is the hitman that has been sent to kill her because she ran. When he finds her, she tells him she will do ANYTHING to keep from being killed.  His answer is he wants a bed and 24 hours to have her anyway he wants.  Will 24 hours be enough, or will he follow her to the free states as she asked of him?

Claiming Hannah is a wonderful story about a time in the future.  A time when people are dying, yet the main characters are able to fight for what they want and hopefully work their way towards freedom.  The twists and turns will keep you wondering just what is going to happen, and will everything work out in the end.  Just who is the good guys and are the bad guys going to get them.  The journey to awareness and love and a HEA is such a way to spend the afternoon.  I hope you enjoy Claiming Hannah as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Claiming Hannah

Hannah is a Breeding Slave. Created solely for the purpose of producing healthy offspring for an ailing human race, Hannah Roberts longs for freedom and fantasizes about the dangerous man she can never have. With her breeding status about to commence, her hunger for freedom explodes. Escaping into the night, she knows capture will bring her certain death.

Jacob is her Hitman. Trained to be a cold-blooded killing machine, the only light in Jacob Romero’s life is Hannah, a beautiful Slave whose sweet innocence brands his heart and awakens dark desires he never knew he had. Assigned to hunt her down and kill her, he’s seriously injured when he saves her life.

Forbidden love always finds a way. Now fugitives, they hide in a deserted mansion where Hannah nurses the wounded Hitman she’s always wanted. Soon their passions ignite, throwing them into a sexual ecstasy neither can run from. Their forbidden love will face one final challenge. Escaping to a harsh new life in the Free States.

Publisher Note: Previously released by another publisher under the title of A Hitman for Hannah, this book has been extensively revised and reedited for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.00