Circe's Recruits

Genetically altered people - known as Circ - have increased sensory abilities. Along with these abilities comes an increased need to procreate.
Derrick has been sent out to find Sabrina Torrence before the people from PPA do. Sensing that she had been nearby recently, his beast calls to him to get to her before the enemy does. With no intention but to find her and bring her back for questioning, his beast has other ideas. It cries out for him to…Find. Taste. Keep. Fuck.
Sabrina cannot believe she was experimented on without her consent. She discovers the truth while on the run for her life. Shot in the shoulder, she stops and wonders why she is not winded after running for an hour? This is when she notices that the wound is healed and the bullet is inside her shirt. Little did she know just how much her life has changed.
I just finished reading Circe’s Recruit - Derrick and all I want to say is Hot Damn. It is one hot wild read of a book. A different kind of shifter, Circ’s are humans that have been experimented on to try and make the ultimate fighting machine. It is well written and more that worth the time to read. Take time and enjoy Circe’s Recruit - Derrick, I am sure you will.

Book Blurb for Derrick

In the three years since Project Dawn disbanded, Derrick continues to fight the good fight. Now civilians, his squad--Circe's Recruits--works for a private organization bent on cleaning up the mess left in the wake of Project Dawn's rebirth. Pearson Labs continues to create Circs, people who have been genetically changed. When needed, these Circs take on an altered form, one neither man nor animal, but something in between. But unlike the squad, the Circs coming out of Pearson Labs aren't sane.

Derrick doesn't trust Sabrina Torrence. She's an agent for the Project Protection Agency. Their mission in life is to kill and enslave Circs for Pearson Labs. No matter that she helped one of their own escape from the labs, or that she's given them vital information they'll need if they want to take down Elliot Pearl, the labs' founder. Derrick knows she's got her own agenda. If only she wasn't so damned attractive, then he might be able to keep his hands off her and his mind on the job. Then a stunning circumstance forces him to reevaluate all he once thought. But will this new insight be too late to save their growing love?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, bondage/restraint, domination, male/male sexual practices, moresome (m/f/m/m), violence.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50