Christmas Curse

For Megan, Christmas is cursed.  It seems that whenever she celebrates the holiday something bad happens to her.  Even from when she got bit by a snake one year, her father left another Christmas, and she even had a relationship that started during the holidays ended with her boyfriend in the arms of another man.  Megan has found that the safest thing to do is play Scrooge and stay in her apartment.

This year she has finally agreed to go home and spend the holiday with her parents.  She agreed to this because her boyfriend Sean is going to come home with her, or so she thought.  The night before she is due to leave, the Christmas Curse strikes again.  Instead of her boyfriend, she gets a breakup note while waiting for him at her favorite restaurant.

Now she is stuck visiting with her parents and celebrating a holiday she does not care for.  When her ex-boyfriend Sean shows up, she has no idea why he is there.  He on the other hand has no idea why she is mad at him.  All he knows for sure is that he intends to prove to Megan that there is no Christmas Curse.

I was introduced to Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth a little over a year ago when I first started to do book reviews.  Since then I have read everything I could get my hands on.

Christmas Curse is well written, but then all her stuff is.  Easy to get lost in, it is a pleasant way to spend sometime one afternoon.  I just wonder if there is more along this line that I have not found yet?

Book Blurb for Christmas Curse

Length: Quickie

Megan’s been telling her friend Victoria for years that she’s cursed. Christmas cursed! Every year she celebrates Christmas, something bad happens—broken bones, chicken pox, house burning down. After agreeing to finally go home for the holidays, she’s not surprised when her all-too-sexy boyfriend breaks up with her—and by note, no less!
Sean doesn’t believe in curses, but his girlfriend does. It’s her one fault. In all other ways Megan’s perfect, from her interesting mind to her gorgeous body. And the sex? HOT. But because she’s convinced something bad will happen, he’s not surprised when she leaves for the holiday without him. Convincing Megan she’s not cursed may take some creative “maneuvering”, but Sean plans to make sure he turns her holiday luck around.
Note: Want to know more about Megan’s BFF, Victoria? Pick up Trust in the Season by Mandy M. Roth.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50