Captive Heart

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Captive Heart

Naya has been kidnapped, twice in one day. With no idea exactly why she has been taken, she is trying to find out just what is going on and why her second set of kidnappers seem to think she is some kind of traitor/terrorist. Now she is alone with the kidnapper she has nicknamed “Shadow”. Too bad he is sexy as hell. Naya sure wishes she knew just why he is holding her captive and for how long it will last.
Shadow cannot believe that this beautiful female is a terrorist. How in the world did she end up where she was? But it is his job to deliver her to his people and he always does his job. His special ops team is all missing and it seems that her cell has wiped them out. Yet, the more he gets to know Naya, the more he believes she is as innocent in what is going on. Just what is going on and how in the world will they find out the truth? Hopefully they will be able to prove her innocence to everyone?
Captive Heart is a wild ride of a story. With a hero that is caught between what he must do and his growing feelings for his captive. We have a heroine that is innocent but has no idea how to find out just what is really going on. The growing feelings between them both are enough to drive them crazy. I loved the way Captive Heart flowed. It is a good way to spend the day, reading a story to peak your interest and keep you busy in a good way.

Book Blurb for Captive Heart

Naya has worked in the small New York deli her parents have run for years, living the American dream. But reality, in the form of Middle Eastern thugs, bursts through the door to the apartment she shares with her best friend. When the men murder her roommate and kidnap Naya, she is forced into a world of shadow and intrigue that lies beneath the post-9/11 city. Special Agent Jake Bart isn’t paid to question his mission, he’s paid to deliver. So when he and his team invade a branch of a terrorist cell holding the daughter of a known Iranian hit man, Jake must return her to base for questioning. Naya’s knack for getting into trouble is ruining the progress of his mission. Still, the longer he has her in custody, the more his instincts tell him she is innocent of the charges brought against her. And Naya is determined to prove her family’s innocence with or without Jake’s help. Reader Advisory: Includes sensual sex scenes.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50