Blast from the Past

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Blast from the Past

Bailey does not see how his life could get much worse. Laid off from the job he loved as a high school teacher, he is now working for his sister in her day care center. While dealing with a particularly unruly kid, David the gorgeous guy that he had the biggest crush on in high school comes in to pick up his nephew. Oh ya, if only the floor would open up and swallow him down right about now. Why can Bailey not be as smooth and sophisticated as David is?

David cannot believe his eyes when he sees the guy he use to like from high school. If only he had the nerve back then to go after Bailey, but it did not help that at the time David was a senior and Bailey was only a freshman. Now 9 years have passed yet Bailey looks as good as ever. When David’s mother calls with an errand for David he cannot imagine what she was thinking, yet when he spots Bailey in the convenience store his mom sent him to he thinks that just maybe his luck might have changed.

Stephanie Hecht has done a good job of blending the past and the present in this book. Since we do not have the history of the two guys involved, she has gone and given them flashbacks into high school that help make the story come to life for the reader. Taking what can be the worst time in a person’s life and blending it with the finding of that person you wish you had been involved with back then takes finesse. I am sure you will enjoy Blast From The Past as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Blast from the Past

85 Pages

Laid off from his dream job and broke, Bailey Hall goes back home with his tail between his legs and a severely bruised ego. It doesn't help matters that the only work he can find is at his older sister's day care. Now, instead of spending the day teaching high school students Shakespeare and Keats, he's wiping snotty noses and tripping on building blocks. Then one rainy afternoon, his humiliation reaches a whole new low when David Walker comes in to pick up his baby nephew. Not only was David the most popular guy in high school, but Bailey harbored a secret crush on the guy. Bailey is both horrified and excited to see that, eight years later, David is just as hot as ever. He's also very successful and wealthy, neither of which Bailey is.

David spent the past years fulfilling his dream of becoming a successful lawyer and he finally has almost everything he's ever wanted within his grasp. Then he goes into the daycare center and spots the one thing his libido has never been able to resist--Bailey. All through his senior year of high school, David lusted after the shy, dark-haired, freshman scholar. He'd been too afraid to act on his feelings at the time. Not only was Bailey too young for a relationship, but the teen had also been struggling with his sexuality. Although it was the hardest thing he'd ever done, David forced himself not to act on his feelings and kept his hands off Bailey. Now that they are both adults and he has Bailey in his sights again, David vows to finally give into his desires. But will Bailey welcome his attraction or will David have to live with nothing but his regrets to keep him company at night?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.75