Beyond a Viking Horizon

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Beyond a Viking Horizon

Mists of Time Book Three

Iris Johnson's husband inherited land in Denmark and they moved from Chicago with their 4 small children after much work to prove that he was in fact the only descendant of the original owners of the land. The death of her husband has made things harder for her, it seems that the local people want her to leave this land that is now HER land and go back to a place where she has nothing. When a strange handsome man shows up she is not sure what to do except accept his help against her better judgment.

Blaming Nabboddrson lives quite comfortably in Denmark in the year 908 working his land. While working his beloved fields he is thrown thru time to the year 1930. When he gets there, he finds the loveliest woman there and he is shocked to find himself interested in her. The fact that she needs his help to protect the land HE owns in his own time makes things so much more interesting for him. He offers to help her out as long as she has need of him. Little does she know that he hopes she will need his help for the rest of their lives.

Beyond a Viking Horizon is the 3rd book in the Mists of Time series by Tami Dee. I enjoyed the 2nd book in the series and found the 3rd just as good if not better. I liked the different twists that this book brought. I also greatly liked how Ms. Dee showed the way things can change do to choices. I am most definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the books in the series.

Book Blurb for Beyond a Viking Horizon

Balmung Nabboddrson, a man whose feet are as firmly planted in the year 908 as the roots of his thriving crops.

Until, that is, he makes an unexpected discovery within the very soil he had vowed never to leave…

Iris Johnson, living in the time of the Great Depression. Suddenly widowed, she is left to raise four children against all odds.

With the security and well being of her children her utmost concern, will she be able to trust and open her heart to a man who claims to have come from a time one thousand years past?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50