Atlantis Redeemed

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Atlantis Redeemed

Warriors of Poseidon Book 5

Brennan was cursed by Poseidon when he was only 19 to feel no feelings at all.  For 2000 years he has felt no happiness, no laughter, no loneliness nor friendship.  This will continue until he meets the woman that is the other half of his soul.  Doomed to then forget her when she is out of his sight, until her heart stops beating and her spirit has fled her body for all time.  When this happens, his memories will come flooding back to cause him anguish for all the days of his life.

Tiernan is a reporter on the story of her life.  The death of her best friend Susannah has left a whole in her heart that she wants to mend.  She has gone undercover to find out why shifters are going crazy.  It seems that a mad scientist has set out to gain control of humans and shifters alike.  When Tiernan and Brennan meet while they are both trying to uncover the truth to what is going on, things get interesting.  She finds that Brennan is always in her thoughts, but finding out the truth to what happened to her friend may be more than either of them can survive.  Will they find a way to bring justice for her friend and end the curse that could keep them apart forever?

The work of Alyssa Day has amazed me since the first time I picked up a book written by her.  She has taken the lost continent of Atlantis and managed to bring it into the 21st Century in an amazing way.  The stories of the Warriors of Poseidon are love stories that will keep you turning the pages to wonder just what is going to happen next.  As each Warrior finds the woman that completes him, they also become more.  This seems to be the kind of journey that most of us as people are on.  Take some time and get to know these gorgeous warriors for yourself.

Book Blurb for Atlantis Redeemed

Poseidon’s warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies--and alliances. But none more unexpected than the bond between a cursed Atlantean warrior and a woman whose sight surpasses any lie…

A warrior with no emotion …
Doomed by Poseidon millennia ago to live life bereft of feelings, Atlantean warrior Brennan’s curse is shattered when he meets Tiernan--a human with the ancient Gift of Truth Telling. Attraction turns deadly when the woman he could never forget becomes the woman he can never remember. With the fate of Atlantis on the line, will a warrior’s uncontrollable desire destroy the world?

A woman with an eye for the truth…
Tiernan’s job as an investigative reporter is perfectly suited to her unique ability to see through any falsehood. But when she discovers human scientists conducting hideous experiments on humans and shape-shifters alike, only a wildly sexy Atlantean can help protect her from the those determined to see her fail—and die. When the future of the world is at stake, can she overcome death itself so together they can protect mankind?

When truth and passion collide…Atlantis is redeemed.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00