Ancient Inheritance

Alan Fairfield has received 3 visits from the Archangel Michael.  The first came in 1945 while he was fighting in Germany during WWII.  At this visit, Alan was given a sacred job, to protect the spear of Longinus.   The spear is believed to be the one that pierced Christ’s side while he was on the cross.  It is said to hold special power.  The second visit came in 1980, it told Alan that it was time to run so that an evil cannot get its hand on the spear.  The last visitation of the Archangel Michael was to let Alan know that his time as the protector of the spear is nearing an end, and that the new protector has been chosen…Alan’s granddaughter Catherine.

Each year he gives her a beautiful statue of an angel, this year it is a statue of the Archangel Michael.  Along with the statue is a note from her granddad saying that there is a matter of importance he needs to discuss with her when she comes for her customary birthday visit this year.  But when he dies of a massive heart attack on her birthday, she has no idea of what is to come, nor of the momentous task that has now fallen into her hands.  Will she accept the task or will evil get its hand on the Spear?
The legend that follows the Spear that pierced Christ’s side goes far and wide.  Ancient Inheritance is a story that will have you wondering just what would happen if some evil tried to get is hand on the spear.   A firm believer in the existence of Angels and unfortunately of demons also, I totally enjoyed reading Rita Vetere’s story concerning the Spear of Longinus.   It makes me also wonder just how much of the stories behind the spear are true and how many are works of someone’s imagination?  Read Ancient Inheritance for yourself and make up your mind about it.

Book Blurb for Ancient Inheritance

~ Evil is real, and it’s coming…unless one woman can learn a secret buried in her family’s past ~
On a quest to rule the world, the demon Sammael will stop at nothing to unlock his powers...even enter the physical plane.
Catherine Caldwell has unwittingly come into possession of the item Sammael has sought for over two millennia. Her education into the conflict of dark and light is a trial by fire. Guided by prophetic dreams and aided by family, a Creole psychic and a homicide detective, she struggles to learn her role in an age-old war, and elude the demon hunting her.
The secret Catherine uncovers will trigger a battle that could alter the course of mankind forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00