You're All I Want For Christmas

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You're All I Want For Christmas

Poor Heidi Gentry is a struggling single parent trying to raise her young son as best she can with what little she has. Doing a favor for her friend, Wendy Goodall, she begins to write letter to Rick, Wendy’s brother who is serving in Iraq. It’s something she looks forward to doing as much as she loves receiving emails and letters back from him.
That is, until she finds out that he’s married. She immediately stops all correspondence and is upset because she didn’t plan on falling in love with him like she did. Now she has to face the devastating fact that he’s married. So the best way she tries to deal with this is to forget about Rick completely. 
This is something that is easier said than done especially since she and her son are invited to the Goodall’s Christmas party and Rick’s wife will be there celebrating along with them.
Can she find the strength to come face to face with his wife knowing deep down in her heart she’s in love with Rick? Is it possible that Santa may have a gift in mind for her this Christmas?
Ms. Bish penned a fun and exciting Christmas read within these pages. I felt so bad for Heidi because bad luck was definitely on her side no matter where she turned. I kept hoping that her luck would finally turn around for her and her son and that they might be able to have a nice Christmas this year after all. Ms. Bish is a new author to me, but I assure you she is one I will definitely keep my eye on! I think you’ll enjoy this story as much as I did.

Book Blurb for You're All I Want For Christmas

When struggling single Mom, Heidi Gentry begins writing to her friend’s brother, who is serving in Iraq, she never expected to fall in love with him. To make matters worse he’s married, at least she thinks he is. She immediately cuts off communication with him. But Christmas often brings surprises, and a chance encounter with Heidi at the local mall convinces Rick, divorced and back from Iraq, to find out where he stands with the woman who captured his heart with her very first e-mail. With his sister’s help, they devise a whacky plan to help everyone get what they want for Christmas this year, even if he has to go undercover to do it.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00