Windy City Love Affair


When Rancher Jess Croften heads to Chicago for a business trip, he never plans on meeting beautiful Lorren Samples. While lost and asking for directions to Michigan Avenue, he stumbles across Lorren and asks her assistance in directing him to his destination. He is so taken by her that he asks to walk her back to her job to stall for just a few more minutes of her time. But he is here to take care of some business. How could he even think about having a fling when he won’t be around for long? And if that’s not enough, he withholds secrets from her that could only set them up for immediate disaster if they were to even start something together.
Do they decide to see each other after their chance encounter over directions? What are the secrets that Jess isn’t sharing with Lorren?
I enjoyed this story and I found myself being in Lorren’s corner the whole time. I was hoping that she would take a chance on Jess and have a little bit of fun, but I didn’t want to see her hurt in the process. I was anxious to find out Jess’ secrets and curious to see what his rationalization was for not letting Lorren know from the beginning. I think you will like this wonderful story as much as I did and I would definitely recommend it to others to read. I look forward to reading more work from this author.  

Book Blurb for Windy City Love Affair

Rancher Jess CroftenÆs Chicago business trip turns into much more when he literally bumps into beautiful law student, Lorren Samples, and asks for directions to Michigan Avenue. You can't beat summer in Chicago for romance -- the sights, the lakefront, the food. And just when Lorren realizes Jess is someone special, he's gone.

Jess has kept his secrets from Lorren, but when he returns from the Middle East wounded in spirit and body, it's to reclaim the normalcy she represents and the way of life he fought for.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50