Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas

Heather and Daniel have known each other for eleven years now. They both met in college and immediately hit it off together. For the past three years, they have been neighbors in the same apartment building. 
For all the years they have known each other, they have been best friends to one another. They have been there for each other through both their ups and downs and have a very special relationship.
When the Christmas season arrives, Heather’s family would like her to come back to Colorado to celebrate with them, but Heather knows her mom will be on a special mission to find her what her mom thinks would be the perfect suitor. This kind of pressure only frustrates and upsets Heather every time.
Since Heather and Daniel are best friends, she asks him to go to Colorado with her and play off that he is her boyfriend in front of her family. Little does she know that this Christmas things are going to turn out drastically different for her.
Ms. Mendoza wrote a charming tale within these pages. I loved Daniel and Heather’s friendship together and was so happy to see that they had each other to lean on. The characters came alive for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline the author created. I kept hoping that Heather would find Mr. Right and get over her phobia of committing to a partner for only a few weeks. It is apparent that Ms. Mendoza writes from her heart and the development of her storyline and characters reflect that notion. This is another story from a talented author that I would definitely recommend. 

Book Blurb for Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas

Due to a childhood tragedy, Heather has a hard time dating and keeping a boyfriend. With her thirtieth birthday looming in the near future, her mother is determined to play matchmaker over the Christmas holiday. Not wanting her dating life to fall in the hands of the one who bore her, Heather is determined to find Mr. Right via the Classified ads. Time is short and the race is on. But if she'd slow down and open her heart, she might discover that love has been there all along.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.00