Virgin's Kiss

Viva Los Regalos Series

Miranda Boson was going to do something special for her twenty-first birthday and since her Aunt Deirdre had just passed away three months ago now leaving Miranda well off, she decided to book an extravagant vacation to the hottest spot, Los Regalos. Her arrival date was on Friday the exact day of her birthday.

This trip was so out of character for how Miranda was raised. You see, her parents passed away when she was just ten years old. Her Aunt Deirdre took her in, raised her and gave her the best education possible. Her aunt encouraged Miranda to excel academically, within her own laboratory and her own home, but she never taught the poor girl any social graces. Miranda grew up loving science as much as her aunt, but she never knew how to enjoy things in life as other people her age did. She was turning twenty-one and she was still a virgin. She never abused substances and she never partied with her friends because she didn't have any. She knew she was a geek, but she was going to change that by living wildly on her vacation to Los Regalos. At least for this weekend only.

Her hotel was named the Dusty Star and it was one of the oldest casinos Los Regalos had to offer. To be quite truthful, it was in an area of the more unseemly sections of the resort. A newer attraction that was added though was the Star Goddess Lounge. It was rumored that the drinks served there had potent effects of the sexual variety.

On the way to her hotel she came into the hands of a cabbie who wanted to take advantage of her in more ways than just the fare he was charging her. She was rescued by someone or something, but didn't know what because she passed out. Once she safely arrived at the hotel she was feeling pretty terrible. She decided after checking in that the best thing to do was to take a nap.

As the story progressed, she had a whole agenda of what she wanted to accomplish there on her vacation. One of them was to go into a sex shop and buy herself a birthday present since she had never shopped in a store like that before. While she was in there she literally ran into a tall, muscular human being. He introduced himself as Simon and he made some strong advances toward her. Letting her nerves get the best of her she tried to dismiss him, but it didn't work. He finally told her to stop by the Star Goddess Lounge later on that night and since he's the bartender he'd fix her his specialty drink, "The Virgin's Kiss." Temptation getting the best of her she decided to go to the lounge to try the drink. He made it for her and added a little bit of magic. Though she's never had alcoholic beverages before this, she couldn't help herself from finishing ever last drop.

Now that Miranda has had Simon's special drink, does the magic kick in and make Miranda let her hair down? Does she finally lose her virginity and if so, does she lose it to Simon or does she meet someone else? Who really is this Simon character?

This is another story from the Los Regalos Series and it is definitely an entertaining one. This one tells a tale with a unique storyline and is very creative with the characters.

Special Notes and Extras:

At the end of the story Michele Bardsley includes two versions of the drink, "The Virgin's Kiss," that you could make for yourself or at your next party.

Book Blurb for Virgin's Kiss

When he's not making idiotic thieves pay financial homage to the Family, who owns everything in Los Regalos, demon Simon LaRue mixes cocktails at the Dusty Star Casino & Lounge. If you want a drink with pizzazz, you ask Simon for the Virgin's Kiss.

Miranda Boson is a scientist raised by an aunt who believed in intellect over emotion. She knows something is missing from her life. After all, she's never even had a date, let alone a lover. When her aunt dies and leaves her a fortune, she jumps at the chance to do something unexpected and fun. She's delighted when Hot Spot Destinations books her on a fantasy vacation to Los Regalos.

When Miranda stumbles into the wrong section of town and is nearly mugged, Simon rescues her. Their attraction is undeniable. Miranda is hoping for an affair to remember. What she doesn't know is that Simon adores her body, but it's her purity that really turns him on. There's nothing sexier to a demon than an innocent soul begging to be corrupted. And all it takes to start the hellfires burning is a real virgin's kiss.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.00