Vampire Kristmas

Ms. Michaels outdid herself yet again with this holiday tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming read. Ms. Michaels sets the entire story up with wonderfully vivid descriptions of a different time and place in the Kristmas Family’s life. I thought the storyline was extremely creative and the character portrayals fascinated me a great deal. I just couldn’t resist falling in love with the Kristmas family.
I found it extremely comical that poor Jeremy Kristmas was always saving his identical twin brother’s neck, Jared, one way or another. Ms. Michaels thought of every angle to cover and made you fall in love with the storyline. 
The author did a superb job entertaining me from the very first paragraph to the very last. Even though this is a short story, Ms. Michaels does a fantastic job of giving everyone hope that they, too, could be the recipient of a Christmas miracle. I walked away pondering the thought, that if love could possibly be reincarnated, just think of the joyous celebrations people would be going through all around the world. The author definitely wrote from her heart and it showed throughout this wonderful holiday read. But don’t just take my word for it. Pick it up and see for yourself. 

Book Blurb for Vampire Kristmas

When vampire Jeremy Kristmas is awakened from his two century nap to trade places with his irresponsible twin—two weeks before Christmas, he discovers he has a fiancé who resembles his dead lover.

Pretending to love a cheating vampire is not on Lynette Stevens’ holiday to-do list, however, coming to her promiscuous cousin’s rescue, again is. But when she arrives at Kristmas Manor, Jeremy is different, more mature, handsome…crazy—insisting she’s his lost love.

Unable to deny the attraction, Lynette gives into her desire. But what if her cousin is Jeremy’s lost love? If so, who will he choose? His past love or new love? Join them to find out who has a Vampire Kristmas.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00