The Siblings

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The Siblings

Valentine's Day Do-Over Part II

Race Hartt was the complete opposite of his brother, Rome. Race was a military guy and although he wasn't tied down to one girl, he liked it that way. Rome was the exact opposite. He wasn't the kind to have a fling and move onto the next girl. Race, on the other hand, wanted his freedom. Or so he though he did.

While preparing for Rome and Ivy's wedding exactly one year from when they met, Race was having a very bad day. First of all, he wasn't happy that he had to be at the brunch his mother was having for the Hartts and Valentines at her house at eleven in the morning. This was way too early for him considering that he was quite busy with the stripper that was at his brother's bachelor party the night prior. He didn't understand why he had to be present just to make small talk and watch Rome and Ivy be all lovey dovey with each other. It just sickened him to the core. He would rather be deployed for a third mission in Iraq than be here right now.

Since the wedding was on the fifteenth of February, it left February fourteenth open for the HarttBeat Foundation Annual Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball and they were going to use it as the rehearsal dinner as well. Race wasn't happy at all with any of the festivities planned for the day.

Just as he thought that things could only go up from where he was, he still hadn't met Ivy's sister and his partner in the wedding party, Mia. Heading into the living room with his mother she spotted Mia and grabbed Race to introduce him to her. From behind, he definitely liked what he was looking at and thought that meeting her wouldn't be so bad after all. That was until she turned around and he was greeted by his major- that is Major Mia Valentine, who worked at the same depot as Race. He almost took a heart attack right there and then. He felt that he was definitely being punished for all these things happening to him. He just couldn't wait for the Masquerade Ball and the whole wedding thing to be over with. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly work out for him as well as planned. His day started repeating itself over and over again.

Nor did it go any smoother for Mia. She definitely liked what she physically saw in Race, but she couldn't give into her physical urges. She wasn't very happy with the situation either. She was already dealing with a lot of questions and disappointment from her past relationship with a military guy, Col. Benjamin Pritchard, who was a brilliant combat pilot on his way to becoming a full bird general. She couldn't involve herself with another love her and leave her kind of guy. Or could she? She also became the victim of the Valentine's Day Do-Over.fifty days to be exact.

Why were Race and Mia repeating Valentine's Day over again so many times? Were they able to work together and get past the hang-ups they had for one another so they could finally see their siblings get married on February fifteenth?

This was the sequel to Valentine's Day Do-Over and just as I really enjoyed that story, I absolutely loved this one just as much. Donna Michaels has a way with words that just makes the story so believable. I fell in love with Race and Mia and I enjoyed how they clashed with each other not only verbally, but sexually as well. Keep up the great work, Donna. I would definitely recommend this author to other readers.

Book Blurb for The Siblings

Eros, God of Love, thought bringing soul mates Ivy Valentine and Roman Hartt together last year was tough, until he met their siblings: Mia and Race.

Forced to suffer the same do-over fate his younger brother endured last Valentine's Day, Racine Hartt must share the holiday madness with his worst nightmare-his beautiful superior, Major Mia Valentine.

Mia doesn't have time for irresponsible men in her life and is not happy to discover she's stuck in a repeat Valentine's Day with the handsome, yet chauvinistic Captain Racine Hartt. With her sister's wedding day in jeopardy of never arriving, Mia looks for someone else, anyone else other than the sexy Captain to fill the slot.

How many days will it take this military minded couple to look past their preconceived notions and see into each other's hearts? Can Eros accomplish this miracle? Or will the world repeat Valentine's Day forever?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50