Under The Magnolia

Adelaide Gardner has a secret that she is quite protective of. She has a gift of seeing the future through visions that come to her.
Throughout the years, the town people have passed judgment on her because of her ability. They didn’t see her ability as a gift, but more as a strange hindrance that made her stick out from everyone. They would whisper behind her back and it made her feel as if she was an outsider.
No matter what though, she was given this gift and she was going to use it as best she could. In doing just that, during a bad hurricane, she risks her life to save two college students who appeared in one of her visions. In the process of saving them, she now needs rescuing and who else would come to her aid but Chief Wesley Saxon, the sexy man she’s had a crush on for the past year. Wes and Addie have known each other for years. As a matter of fact, he even asked her out in high school and she refused telling him she only saw him as a friend. Addie knows all too well that she couldn’t have Wes now because he would think she was crazy like everyone else in town thought she was. She felt that her gift would constantly cause problems between them.
With a bad storm raging outside and a need for a safe place to sit and wait until the weather calms down, Wes and Addie get to know each other a bit more intimately as they wait out the storm together. 
Could this be the beginning of something between them? What does Addie learn while talking to Wes? Do they make it out alive once the hurricane passes?
Ms. Rogers knows how to write an entertaining story that pulls you in immediately and keeps you turning the pages for more. I loved the creative storyline and the author did a fabulous job of making my heart beat recklessly the entire time I was reading. I loved the development of both characters, Addie and Wes and I found myself hoping that a spark might still be lit between these two after all the years have passed. Ms. Rogers is an extremely talented author that doesn’t leave her reader disappointed in any way in the end. Don’t pass this one up! It’s a must read!

Book Blurb for Under The Magnolia

Adelaide has a secret: she can see the future. The visions are always unpleasant, until she catches a glimpse of herself engaged in the hottest sex imaginable with hunky police chief Wesley Saxon, a man she's had a crush on for the past year.
Wes has been watching out for Addie for years, even if she did break his heart in high school. But when his attempt to rescue her from an oncoming hurricane leaves them stranded in the basement of an island resort, Wes will face a danger more terrifying than any criminal: falling in love with her again.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 5.00