Ashlyn Davenport worked for Cooper Nelson. Rumor had it that because he didn’t have any friends due to the fact that he was so uptight, Ashlyn, being his assistant, was mandated to attend the birthday bash he throw for himself each year. That was where she began talking to Cooper’s brother, Jake Taylor. They had seen each other before at company dinners and such over the past five years, but never spoke to each other before this birthday party. Ashlyn always felt an attraction though to Jake. She saw him as a six-foot-four perfect male specimen. This time, Jake really took an interest in Ashlyn. He approached her and the conversation immediately became extremely heated. Their attraction for each other was intense and they weren’t going to pass this opportunity up. Leaving the party, they jumped on Jake’s motorcycle and headed toward his cabin getaway. She knew about this place from all the girl gossip at work. She didn’t care though if this was only going to be a one night stand. She wanted to have sizzling sex with Jake and nothing was going to stop her from that.
Arriving at the cabin, they got busy very quickly together. Did this turn out to be a one-night stand for them? Was there something more that was sparked between them during their evening together? What happened when they saw each other at the next function?
This was a spicy, short tale that definitely entertained me. The scenes were steamy and the characters interaction was pretty intense. If you want a short, spicy romp to read this is definitely fit the bill.

Book Blurb for Undeniable

It was only supposed to be a one night stand with the most talked about man in the office.

Ashlyn Davenport knew getting involved with her employer’s brother would not only cause trouble, but would definitely wreak havoc on her and her libido. All the women in the office gossiped about Jake Taylor and his lifestyle, telling stories—true or not—that roused Ashlyn’s curiosity.

He was hardly the kind of man a woman could easily forget and when Ashlyn is provided with the perfect opportunity to seduce him she finds out just how undeniable Jake Taylor really is.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50