Twilight Whispers

This was an endearing story of how a father and his last remaining living child had to learn how to forgive each other and get over the bitterness of losing Dara, Lee’s wife and Corey & Jilly, their two young children in a car crash that happened two years ago Christmas Eve. Both Lee and his son, Alex have been having a difficult time moving forward since the car crash turned everyone’s life upside down.
Meeting up with Bethany, after many years have passed since they last saw each other in high school, aids Lee in learning to move forward and live his life again – something he never thought he would do after losing his wife and two children.
But is she the person who teaches Lee how to love again? Can he ever get over the death of his wife and children?
This story was about finding hope and love again. It was also a true lesson in learning how to forgive past mistakes. I found it to be very poignantly written by Ms. Jacobs and I would be interested in reading more stories from this author. 

Book Blurb for Twilight Whispers

Railroad conductor Lee Donovan has struggled to raise his nine-year-old son Alex since the death of his wife and twin toddlers. He is fed up with the busybodies and school personnel who refuse to believe a single father can be a capable parent.

As the second anniversary of the Christmas Eve tragedy approaches, Alex grows increasingly agitated, insisting that his siblings' spirits want to take him to their mother. Lee grudgingly admits that he needs help and turns to Bethany Parks, the school librarian with whom Alex has developed a bond—and whose earlier offer of help Lee had curtly rebuffed.

What follows surprises them all, but brings wonderful gifts: the healing power of forgiveness and the promise of love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.50