Trial by Fire

Poor Ally is going through a tough time in her life these past two years. She and her husband, Tony were at a party two years ago and they were fighting all night. Accusing him of cheating on her, he began to drink too much. Even though he was drunk, he still wanted to drive. On their way home, they hit a patch of black ice and the car went out of control. Plunging into a tree, Tony took the impact on the driver’s side and unfortunately died. Ally lost their unborn son, suffered two cracked ribs, some bruising and a bang on the head. Things were never the same for her.
Now is the time though that she needs to move forward again with her life. Deciding to do just that, she rents out Abbey Cottage, in the middle of farming country, just before Christmas. Trying to get a jump start on her travels, she heads there earlier than planned because of the bad wintry weather they’re experiencing. She hits a slippery patch of ice and ends up on the side of the road. Shaken, she is startled when a stranger approaches her and offers his assistance. She follows behind him in her car to the cottage and hopes that all her troubles are behind her now.
She sets out with the plan to celebrate Christmas with her brother, Paul in the cottage and to resume her writing career after all this time has passed. Unfortunately, as soon as she arrives, she finds herself in the middle of what might be a haunting. Everywhere she turns in the house she smells the sudden scent of flowers and hears singing and whispering.
Could she be losing her mind or is the cottage really haunted? If it’s haunted, who could it be that is trying to make contact with her? What could they ever want from her? Does she ever write the book she intended to write on her retreat in the country?
Ms. Ireland penned a wonderfully entertaining read. This story had me wondering what poor Ally was going to do once all the strange occurrences started happening. It was filled with suspense from the very first chapter right until the very end. I loved the unique storyline Ms. Ireland decided upon and I fell in love with Ally’s character. I so wished that she was finally going to pull her life together and start moving forward again. I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal romance and look forward to reading more stories written by this author.

Book Blurb for Trial by Fire

Ally has been ill and needs time to recover. But almost as soon as she arrives at the cottage where she intends to take respite, she finds herself in the midst of a haunting. The sudden scent of flowers, singing, and strange voices seem to follow her at every turn. Is this some strange hallucination related to her illness, or is Ally being haunted by a tragedy that happened in another time?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00