Tis The Season

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Tis The Season

Krystal Kringle was the daughter to Mr. And Mrs. Kringle. For the first time in recorded family history, the successor to all those centuries was going to be a female, her. This made her feel as though she faced the biggest challenge of her life. In order to fully accept her position, she had to accept all the responsibilities that came with it. That included finding a spouse to carry on the tradition with. In all past history, it was usually a male going out to find the perfect mate to be the next Mrs. Kringle, AKA Mrs. Claus. This time though, Krystal had to go onto a worldly search for the perfect Mr. Kringle.

Searching for a husband wasn't much fun for her nor was she having much success with the endeavor either. She traveled all over the world and still couldn't find the perfect mate to replace her father. What was she going to do? She didn't want to be a failure because she could not only find the man of her dreams, but also the man who everyone was going to now call upon to be the next Santa Claus. She had been searching now for ten months and it was worrying her that Christmas was fast approaching and she still didn't have a prospect in sight.

CK received his instructions and tried to seem happy about his next driving assignment. You see, CK was a limo driver and he was just informed that his next client had paid for two weeks, round the clock availability in advance. CK was chosen because he was the only one without family obligations. The only bright side that CK saw out of this was that the Youth Center he helped out with could desperately use the extra money he was going to make. He and his best friend, Jack Sanders, who was also the head of the Youth Center, were doing everything within their means to keep the center open for the children who needed a place to hang out at. They both poured their hearts, souls and every penny they had to keep this center functioning.

Krystal was picked up by CK in front of the hotel she was staying out. She introduced herself as Kris King, making certain he only knew her under her family's pseudonym name. They made small talk together and while he was driving her around he realized to himself that she was the most appealing woman he had ever seen. In conversation, she mentioned that she was in town because she was single and in search of the man she was going to marry. He brought her to all her events and balls that she had planned in advance on attending and during this time he started realizing that he really liked her. He wished she would consider him as a prospect, but that was only a dream of his. He didn't think he was the caliber she was in search of to make as her husband. Kris continued having trouble though finding the man of her dreams even though she was attending all of these functions and dating a few men sporadically. Time was drawing nearer to Christmas and she had still not found the man she was hoping to find. Or had she crossed his path already and not even realized it yet? Would she even consider CK, whose real name was Cris Krengall, to be the man she had searched the whole world for? Would CK be the perfect mate for Krystal and the next perfect Santa Claus?

I absolutely adored this holiday story. I was entertained the entire time and found that I was feeling for CK and Krystal throughout the story. I felt bad for Krystal that she was having such a hard time finding a mate and I felt bad for CK thinking he wasn't in Krystal's league. I loved the development of the characters and the storyline was unique and quite original. I will definitely keep this one in my library. If you want an enjoyable Christmas read, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Book Blurb for Tis The Season

Where was the man who could win her heart? The man who could carry on the Kris Kringle legend? Somehow she couldn't mesh the two. The man of my dreams and my father just weren't the same man.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00