Tinsel & Takeovers

Sage Taggart was talking to her friend, Rosie, one day and she expressed just how much she disliked the idea of spending Christmas with her dysfunctional family. To boot, on Thanksgiving she lied and told them that she was seeing someone, but he was called away on business. This was so far from the actual truth.

Sage was so busy pouring her heart and soul into the family business, Taggart's Toys, that she didn't have any life whatsoever to even think about. Once she graduated from Harvard, her father was going to start teaching her the ropes to the family business. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. What no one had planned on was her father taking a massive heart attack and this forced Sage to step up to the plate. Since then, the business had struggled the entire time and it was on the verge of a takeover any day now. There was no time or room for Sage to have any fun let alone have a steady boyfriend in her life.

Now having to face the fact of going to her parents' for Christmas without this wonderful man to accompany her, she was in deep. If she lied any more than she already had, her father would be all over her that she was a failure not only in the family business, but also in her personal life. That's when Rosie came up with the idea for Sage to hire a male escort for a few days. Rosie loved the idea as much as Sage hated it. She couldn't bring herself to actual hire a male escort.could she?

Did Sage final muster up enough courage to hire a male escort to masquerade around as her boyfriend in front of her whole family at Christmas? Or did she decide to fly solo and take the wrath from her father anyway? What happened to Sage during her Christmas visit that changed her life?

This was a fun and upbeat story that Ms. Schultz had me enjoying from the very first line that I read. She knows how to tell a story and she adds humor to just the right places. I loved Sage because I felt so bad for her that she was giving the family business her all and in the process, no one was appreciating what she was giving up. This is an enjoyable read for any time of year, not just for the Christmas season. You won't be sorry picking this one up or any one of Ms. Schultz's stories.

Book Blurb for Tinsel & Takeovers

Keeping the family company from financial disaster is a full time job for Sage Taggart, one that leaves her social life in ruins. With a little white lie made over the Thanksgiving holidays and a trip home for Christmas on the horizon, she'll have to come up with a boyfriend fast. But should she let her fingers do the walking and hire a male escort?

When Jesse Francis agrees to meet one of his brother's 'clients' at the airport to let her know she'll be minus one escort for the holidays, he can't believe his luck, or his body's reaction to the woman known to him by reputation as the 'ruthless bitch in heels.' It's unfair and unethical, but with his company set to take over hers in only a matter of days, taking his brother's place is the perfect opportunity to gain inside information.

Yet, amidst the tinsel, Jesse sees a soft and very sexy side of Sage, and the question becomes, who is taking over whom?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 5.00