Tiger's Eye

Book 2 in the Lady In White Series - Can Stand Alone

Miranda Hollander decided to stay at Bride's Inn for numerous reasons. It seemed that Serena, her pregnant best friend, needed some help since her husband, Seth, was away on business and Miranda needed the distraction out of her own life to run away from all the pain and hurt she'd been through. She just couldn't get over the loss of Jordan, the boy she babysat. He was abducted, tortured and killed. Miranda couldn't forgive herself for being sick that day and having someone take her place bringing him to school.

While sleeping in one of the numerous bedrooms in the inn, there was a fierce winter storm ravaging Long Island's north shore. The storm's intensity knocked out the electricity so they had no lights and the boiler wasn't working. Tonight, like so many previous nights, Miranda was having another nightmare with Jordan in it. She was dreaming of him being alive and well again. A chill flew though her body and half asleep tried to grab the coverlet to pull it across her frozen body. Patting both sides of her, the coverlet was no where to be found. Immediately, she felt the mattress dip beside her and then icy fingers moved across her cheeks and nose. She opened her eyes to be greeted with a woman, dressed in a long white gown sitting next to her. She thought she had lost her mind. The woman remained seated next to her and Miranda could see the outline of the woman's face which was shrouded by a thin, tattered veil.

This figure was scaring poor Miranda senseless. She began fearing for her life. Then the figure started calling her name and gave her a warning message, "He's coming, Miranda." She shook violently now. Who was this woman and why was she heeding this warning? What was going on? Finally, Serena entered Miranda's room to check on her friend. Miranda was afraid to say anything to Serena about the incident fearful that her friend might think she was going crazy. Serena explained that the storm knocked the power out and because of it, now had no heat. Clarice, Serena's aunt, had put an emergency call into the new handy man, Grady Smith, and they were waiting for him to show up.

A few hours later, a man-traveling out in the storm late at night arrive at Bride's Inn. Serena and Clarice greeted him eagerly hoping he could restore the power in the house as soon as possible. Unfortunately, since they never met this new guy they had no idea he wasn't the handy man they were expecting.

Who was the man at their door at this hour of the night? Why did he agree that he was Grady Smith when he really wasn't when Clarice asked him? What business did he have at Bride's Inn that he immediately adopted the handy man's alias to protect himself? Would Seth make it back home in time before things went terribly wrong?

I absolutely loved this sequel to the Bride's Inn Series. Though it is the second in the series, this book could certainly stand alone. I loved the storyline and how creative Ms. Chernow was to entwine the characters around each other as she did. I am a big fan of this series and I do hope there will be more stories to follow. It is a definite keeper in my library and you won't be disappointed if you pick this one up to add to yours as well.

Special Notes:

If anyone is interested in reading the first book in the Bride's Inn Series the title is, "Lady in White."

Book Blurb for Tiger's Eye

Miranda Hollander seeks refuge from her terrifying past, but her heart won't find respite from the man with the golden tiger's eyes.

One dark, snowy winter night, Jake Hunter arrives at Bride's Inn, mistaking Miranda's room for his. As the storm rages outside, he becomes Miranda's golden prince, making her soar to heights of passion on gossamer wings, loving her body in ways she could only imagine.

As morning's first light dawns, it brings reality revealing the secret her

tiger prince harbors, and the real reason he has come to Bride's Inn.

TIGER'S EYE: Book Two of the Bride's Inn series a scarefest of erotic


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00