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Ticket Me More

Melanie Darling is a gifted florist who is hailed by the bridal flower world as an artistic genius. She loves what she does and each and every piece that she creates in her shop, Darling Boutiques, is a work of art in itself. Her flowers are the only things that seem to bring her happiness tough. Unfortunately, due to her acute shyness, she lives a very solitude life. Because of the grip her shyness has on her, she still remains a virgin.

On her way home from work one night, she is pulled over by the local police for speeding. Her nervousness took over and she starts giggling and talking nonstop to Officer Michael Johnson. Suspecting that she might have had too much to drink he starts asking her some questions. She explains that she is sober, but extremely nervous because of the authority he has over her. She further explains that she has never been pulled over before and that she is a good girl - usually. The officer let her off with a warning and tells her to make certain that she slows down in that area because he will be there every night for the next month and he didn't want to have to pull her over again. Agreeing, she watches him walk back to his patrol car and realizes just how turned on she is by him.

Did Officer Michael Johnson witness Melanie speeding again after that incident? Could he be the man she had hoped for all her life that could break through her shyness barrier? Did she finally lose her virginity and if so, by whom?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story from the very start. The storyline was refreshing and I just loved the characters Ms. Fanning created. There were times I found myself chuckling at Melanie's antics. I would definitely recommend this story to other readers and I look forward to reading more work from Ms. Fanning.

Book Blurb for Ticket Me More

Melanie Rose Darling is a very unhappy florist.

Hailed by the bridal flower world as an artistic genius, Meli works long nights making bouquets for women lucky enough to find love, while she herself lives a life of solitude. She yearns to share her heart and body with someone other than Bob, her Battery Operated Boyfriend, but acute shyness keeps her from engaging the "living" world.

However, Meli's quiet and predictable existence takes an unexpected turn when she is pulled over and ticketed by the most gorgeous cop she has ever encountered. Officer Michael Johnson. Though he does not seem to notice her as anything more than a traffic violation, Meli makes plans to overcome her timid nature and seize the police officer's attention. using any speed necessary.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50