Thief's Surrender

Oh Yum!

After Mikaela’s mother passed away only days prior from an accident, Mikaela was determined to take back what she should have had as an inheritance. Mikaela’s mother allowed twenty-seven wild mustangs to roam her farm property. These majestic animals felt protected there. Unfortunately, Mikaela’s mother didn’t have a will written out, but wanted her daughter to take over caring for the wild mustangs on her property. Now that her mother was gone nothing Mikaela did could save the animals from being sold off to the P-Q Ranch. At the ranch they would be trained and eventually sold off. Mikaela wasn’t going to stand by and watch this happen. She did the next best thing she could. She typed up a fabricated work history and applied for a job at the P-Q Ranch.
Once hired, she knew she had to move quickly to learn the area enough so she could steal the horses back without being caught. Along the way though she never thought that she would begin to really get to know Shepherd, the owner of the P-Q Ranch, which now complicated her plan even more.
What did Mikaela decide to finally do about the mustangs? Did Shepherd ever find out what Mikaela was plotting to do? Was Mikaela comfortable with her final decision?
I enjoyed reading this story written by Ms. Canto and I loved how she portrayed Mikaela’s character. She made her feisty enough to seek out a solution, legal or not, to get what she felt she deserved even though the wild mustangs belonged to the state. I liked the storyline and I thought the characters interacted very well together. I loved the final outcome of the story and I honestly didn’t expect the curveball Ms. Canto threw at her readers in the end. This was a fun read that I think you will enjoy as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Thief's Surrender

Ranch owner Shepherd has no idea why Mikaela, his new stable hand, looks as if she's hiding something. What he does know is that he can't keep his hands off her.

When Mikaela plunges headlong into a steamy entanglement with the sexy young wrangler, she knows she has to act quickly before she loses her nerve. She's about to steal a lot of horses from him and she's falling for him fast. Whenever rancher and thief collide, blistering sex is the result.

Can Mikaela convince Shepherd she has a damn good reason for stealing his horses? Or is her weakness for his hot body a ticket to disaster?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75