Thief of His Heart

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Thief of His Heart

While out on assignment for Wild Earth Magazine, wildlife photographer Jade Hollister never thought she’d be taking pictures of something more than just wildlife inhabiting the area. Nearby, a luxurious yacht anchored in the shallow bay happens to catch her eye. Walking closer to the water’s edge to have a look, Jade could see it was listing badly to one side. She knows that the yacht being anchored in such shallow water would only cause the vessel massive damage. Jade has the gut feeling that something just isn’t right with this situation.

Deciding to take several pictures, she suddenly realizes exactly why the yacht is there. Before her very eyes she is witnessing modern day pirates unloading all the riches off the yacht into a waiting speedboat. As she continues to take more pictures, she notices one of the men looking directly at her. Without any hesitation, he jumps into the water and begins swimming toward her. She panics and runs into the cover of the nearby trees. Jade knows that she’ll never make it back to the other side of the island where she has her rented boat anchored and waiting for her. What is she going to do? As she’s running as fast as her legs could carry her, she feels a heavy weight hit her and tumbles her to the ground. Her worse fear is now a reality. The pirate has captured her and God only knows what he intends to do with her.

As the other pirates make their way over to where Roarke is holding Jade captive, he does the only thing he could think of to protect her. He tells the others to keep their hands off of her because she’s his. That really isn’t what the other pirates want to hear, but they abide by Roarke’s wishes. They take their boat back to a deserted cabin they have in the woods and all Jade could think of is this must be the end for her. But Roarke seems to go out of his way to actually take care of her while they’re together. He knows this isn’t the time to personally get to know her, but there is a mutual attraction between these two that they just can’t deny.

What are they going to do since they’re sexually attracted to each other? How could Jade be falling for such a bad boy? Is Jade finally found by the police unharmed?

Ms. Destler wrote an excellent story that was packed with such emotions I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat flipping the pages as quickly as I possibly could. I fell in love with Roarke right from the start. I wondered why he was a pirate and wasting his life away on crime. I also adored Jade and was so proud of her feistiness she displayed throughout the story. Deep down I knew there was an attraction between them and I went against my better judgment hoping that something would happen between them. I absolutely loved the suspense filled moments and I thought that Ms. Destler did a wonderful job with the unexpected twist of events that occurred at the end of the story. This story is a definite keeper in my library and I would highly recommend it to other readers. Don’t pass this one up!

Book Blurb for Thief of His Heart

Contemporary Champagne Rosette
Rating: Hot
Page Count: 47
Wildlife photographer Jade Hollister never expected to get kidnapped by modern day pirates. When she snaps pictures of them hijacking a luxury yacht, she’s pursued, captured, and taken to their island hideaway. Roarke, all six foot three inches of pure, sinful male, seems determined to keep her safe and away from the other men by claiming ownership of her.
Jade begins to realize that Roarke isn’t a typical pirate and, as she starts to unravel the mystery surrounding this devastating man, the threat of police capture looms over them. What will Jade do when Roarke is arrested? Does she have what it takes to be a pirate’s lady, or will she testify against him in court?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00